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The best way to see and experience Yangon is to explore on foot. York People's Park and Square. There is also an entrance to the Resistance Park at Dhammazedi Rd; walls separate this area from People's Park. Locate hotels near People's Park and Square, Myanmar online.

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Yangon (Rangoon) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

You sure you want to clear this issue? Yeah, they probably allow animals in the garden. You sure you want to remove this response? You sure you want to clear this issue? It' a big playground, so you can basically do anything you want.

You sure you want to remove this response?

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I recently relocated from Sydney, Australia to Yangon and am looking for new local or expatriate residents who also reside in Yangon to exchange information and story. 18:00 h at the Savoy Hotel attracted a large number of expatriates and there were certainly many English-speaking votes.

Though I was there last Thursday and Friday, it could be, and the place was definitely a whole hell of a hectic one! The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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Recreation in People Park in Yangon - Review People's Square and Park, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Volkspark is a vast area of gras and shrubs, which is halved by Volksplatz, a broad, socialist-looking walk. More than 130 hectares of lands are occupied between Shwedagon Pagoda and Pyithu Hluttaw (Parliament). It is hardly desirable to take a walk around the gardens, but a walk in the gardens is much more enjoyable than a walk on the streets.

It' an indoor theme parc is really weird. There is also a rather odd kind of indoor poolside, full of long trousers and long sleeveless underwear. It' a zoo, I think it's quite beautiful. One has a beautiful look at the Shwedagon pit. That little mall by the parkland is silly. Because it is right in front of the Shwedagon page, you can remove it from the checklist.

It' undoubtedly a vast and well-maintained area. There is a more peaceful south side of the garden and a Jangon Arts Galery if you want to try it out. Have you been in the people's square and the parks?

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