Yangon People

People of Yangon

There was only until recently Burma began to open its doors and the Internet was accessible to people. The Working Lives researches people's everyday working life and how it is changing worldwide. It also reported on a new mood in Yangon: " People are approaching me spontaneously and expressing their opinions in a way they have never done before. Explore both the highlights and some hidden jewels of Yangon on this short (but sweet) city adventure.

Yangon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar) - Culture, People, Food, Architecture and Spirit

Rangoon, Burma. Esthetically Rangoon (aka Yangon) seems to be a muggy, poetry, melancholic porridge of pale fame. Crow with superiority over heaven and road pick between scattered rubbish, falling sheets and the ash of long extinct nightshires. Myanmar lies at the crossroads of Southeast Asia and South Asia; nowhere is this more evident than in the country's capitol, Rangoon.

Dinner is delicious too. We celebrated like children in a confectionery shop with colourful and delicious road meals and stopped at almost every nook and cranny to try something new for just a few pennies. The people. People in Burma were hard-working, imaginative, humiliating and inspirational. These are some of the nicest people we've met on all our journeys.

In the next few get-togethers you will discover these topics as we divide our month-long trip through Burma into photographs, eating experiences, histories and outreaches. First of all, please take a look at our pictures from Rangoon. Use the Circular Railway from Central Railway Terminal ($1) for a very nice, but quiet trip through Rangoon.

Feast your eyes on merchants who balance and dance tablets on their head as the trains roll through the landscape. Shwedagon Paya, Burma's holiest Buddha school, in the afternoons. Walk through the heaps of fruits and vegetables of Theingyi Zei Square (perpendicular to Anawrahta Road, opposite the Sri Kali Temple) in the early hours of the day or later.

On our first outing to Rangoon, we came across this road and were amazed by the people, their smile and the beautiful herbs. For us, this supermarket became a frequent stop in the evening. From Bangkok, Thailand to Rangoon, Burma. On the streets (mainly vegetarian) - steamsas, stews, pancakes- we had a frivolous meal and never got sickened.

Visit the Nila Buryani Shop (or one of its neighbors) on Anawrahta Road, where you can buy inexpensive Buryani and Dozai. At night, stop at Grillstrasse ( "between Mahabandoola and Anawrahta Streets") for an infinite selection of barbecued kebabs of game. Rinse with fresh tapped Myanmar beers.

Money exchange in Myanmar: Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok has a busy tourism visa market. Please submit your application from 8am to midday and take two passportpictures, a copy of your pass and 880 BHT (approx. $25). Three working afternoons later to collect your 4-week touristic permit.

Myanmar's administration has a paper version and Microsoft Word "blacklist" of organisations it considers undesirable or suspicious.

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