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Sailing Yangon Pathein Boat

I plan to go by boat to Twante and think about it, to go by boat to Pathein and then to take the bus back to Yangon. What days and from where in Yangon does the boat go to Pathein? Since the roads have improved, there is no ferry connection from Yangon to Pathein anymore. From Yangon to Pathein via the IWT ferry through the Ayeyarwady Delta. They will land in the Irrawaddy Delta below the schedule for the Delta Queen programme.

Can you take a boat from Yangon to Pathein? - Çangon (Rangoon) News Board

What kind of boat trip does Yangon take to Pathein? I' m leaving in the morning. So if there is no boat, will there be a coach after 3:00 p.m. in the morning? Re: Yangon to pathein by boat? The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Twenty dead in Pathein catastrophe

As many as 20 persons were murdered when a boat with a large number of bride and groom clashed with a riverboat in Western Burma, the officials said on Saturday, with more dreaded persons drowning than the rescue workers were looking for the disappeared. On Friday night, the boat, in Burmese known as the Silver Star, sunk in a stream near Pathein, a seaport in western Yangon, the trade capitol.

There were suspicions that it carried about 60 people on the way home from a marriage service, according to a policeman. "They went to the other side of the stream after they attended a marriage in Pathein. The two vessels were unlighted when they hit the centre of the stream, he added.

"We still have nine persons missing," said Aung Thu Htwe, a member of the AFP and added that the previous evening about 30 persons were lifebound. There were raging shots of saviours working on a Friday evening to take stretcher cars off the riverbank and put ashore.

As the policeman said, the agencies started the raid again on Saturday mornings, although no corpses had been found by noon. Deadly boat crashes are widespread in Myanmar, a poverty-stricken nation with limited transportation and weak security policies. Ships carrying passengers along the coast and along the country's waterways are often hazardously crowded and fatalities can be dizzying.

And it can take several nights for all the corpses to be found. In October last year, 73 individuals, many of them schoolchildren, lost their lives when their overcrowded ship foundered on the Chindwin River in CMB. Approximately 60 persons also lost their lives in March 2015 when their ferries sunk off the coast of the west Rakhine state of Myanmar in harsh seas.

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