Yangon Nightlife Guide

Guidebook Yangon Nightlife

The nightlife in Yangon is better than expected, although it will be a few more years before it is ready to travel. Our selection of Yangon Business Hotels and pink faces in dark nightclubs. Yangon fun guide for adventurers and incorrigible romantics. The former capital Yangon is the best choice to find a Burmese girl. It' has the most nightlife and more places to meet.

Bars and nightclubs of Yangon

The following lists are among the best Yangon nightclubs and inns. Audiences are very global and see some natives, Westerners, Chinese and some Indians jump right up to the girl and ask her how much they want. I understand that the women here offer "full massage" or "erotic massage" in your room for about 80000 Kyats, but if you can bargain and there are not too many boys, then you can reduce the cost to about 50000 Kyats.

Like other Yangon bars, the chicks don't jump on you in groups. When you want to look for native girl there, don't worry. The Governor's Residence Hotel, Hotel Yangon International, Hotel Summit Parkview Hotel, Hotel Yangon International, Hotel The Governor's Residence Hotel Parkview Hotel, Hotel Pension Hotel Yangon, Vacation Garden, Diamond Crown, MGM Hotel, Hotel Bahosi, Hotel Olympic et Alfa Hotel.

Feeling: When you walk into the place that is on the fifth level, you get a dude who is a salesman and a guide. He' ll tell you everything and usually stay with you allightight. When you get there early around 8pm or so there are many freelancing girl jump on you and try their English.

Well, there are a few exemptions, but those chicks are tougher to get and if you need to do some bobbing and ice-breaking. The other good thing about getting there early is that you can see everyone else's faces through the lights inside, but once the shows begin, you won't be able to see much except the women on it.

Nocturnal" shows " are essentially momasans showing their girl crews for the wealthy natives they are paying for the time. You spin around a few places until most women are chosen. A few of them look really good, but the lights and their clothes could make them look more sexy.

The price for one evening with one of the women on scene is between 80000 and 200000 Kyat. Dealer Hotel, Hotel Grand United, Parkroyal Yangon, Thamada Hotel, Central Hotel, Panorama Yangon, May Shan and City Star Hotel. Admission: 4000 kyat with a beverage or 5000 kyat and include a massages and a beverage.

FEEL: JJ Entertainment is probably the biggest and best-known nightclub in Yangon. However, its glory is disputed, as it is not only a discotheque and dancing venue, but first and foremost a place where you can find native women workers. I' m guessing JJ's kind of an underdog, vying with other nightclubs in the middle of the Rangun.

If you like any girl, just smiles at her and they tell you the cost for the overnight which is usually around and over 50,000 keats. I' ve not seen a westerner on my evenings there. The salon is part of the house and we like it.

When you arrive early and the central part of the hotel is not open yet, you should choose either to have a full face or feet-massages. They are very kind and some very sweet. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, Baiyoke Hotel, Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon, Hotel Nikko, Green Hill and Fame Hotel.

Are you looking for a Yangon massages? Here you can see a brief overview and pricing of these two Yangon-Massageshops. These are some of the other Yangon nightclubs. and her telephone number is +95 1 430 344.

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