Yangon Night

The Yangon Night

Yangon nightlife party with locals in Myanmar. Yangon's growing economy makes it a good place to find nightclubs, pubs, karaoke bars and sometimes international DJs. Yangon nightlife for documentaries in Myanmar. Ever), and you have a tour through'Yangon's Streets By Night' with a local touch. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Yangon at night.

Yangon Night Life | Yangon

Yangon's night life is developing at a rapid pace. Yangon's expanding business makes it a good place to find nightclubs, discos, karaoke nightclubs and sometimes even DJ'. But don't wait for a similar ambience as in Bangkok at night. So if you are looking for a restful night with your buddies, where you can enjoy your favourite tunes while drinking a glass of wine or two, here are some choices that might interest you.

This small beershop is the ideal place to try inexpensive indigenous beers and to talk to happy people. There are numerous breweries in the area. What is there to celebrate in Yangon? Yangon's growing prominence as a venue for partying has added some new regional accents to the nightlife.

Are you looking for a nightclub to celebrate and dancing into the night, you might be interested in these possibilities. Yangon fashions may look strange to the West; chicks pull onto the dancing floors with a license plate on their mammaries. Locations like Asia Plaza Disco, Zero Zones Dach Beergarden, Asia Clubs or JJ Clubs offer this kind of Fashions.

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The new roof top lounge and NYX night club will open this months on the top level of The One Entertainment in West Shwegondine in Yangon. It is scarcely known as a great place to be. Where are you going this week-end? FREETDAY 31 MARCH Mandalay Night | Nightlife Toast on free running Mandalay Rum and Mandalay Sour with a minibuffet for $25 net.

Thinkgyan Mood with swimmingpoolparty, beaches and your guide to this..... Picture credits: MarCommand FRIDAY 24TH MARCH Kingdom Part | Nightlife A Hip Hop night with J-Me, G-Tone, X Box, Trigger and Musik by DJ Wine, DJ Z3TA..... There are eleven activities not to miss this weekend, 10. Yangon's oldest ex-pat lounge, FRIDAY VEGETABLE MARCH 30th Street's 21st Anniversary Partie | Nightlife Next Friday celebrates the anniversary of Yangon's oldest ex-pat lounge and enjoys a welcome drink, 20%.....

The Atlas Rooftop Lounge opened on 2 March 2017 on the 12th storey of the Uniteam Marine Building in Sanchaung....... RYDERYK CHOPIN's Alive in Yangon, TRANCE' Portation, Slam Express 6 -..... FEBRUARY 17 One night with Myo Kyawt Myaing | Art & Stage "One night with MYO KYAWT MYAING" Music concert is Myo Kyawt....

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