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10 Things to Do in Yangon This Week. About the updated Privacy Policy (Mobile APP). The Yangon terminals are severely affected and the ships are waiting significantly longer than their normal laytimes. In contrast to Yangon and Mawlamyine, where so much evidence of colonialism. The Yangon University News have updated their profile picture.

JICA upgrades 2040 roadmap for Yangon expansion

In 2040, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) submitted an update of its Yangon Roadmap to the regional authorities, who wait until they have obtained a number of other roadmaps from other authorities before making a decision on which to accept. The first draft of the schedule was drawn up by MYICA in 2012, but began in mid-2016 at the behest of the new administration, Keiichiro Nakazawa, JICA's main agent in Myanmar, to the Myanmar Times.

Since 2012, the country's biggest town has seen massive changes, with transport deteriorating according to JICA. Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) and Yangon Town Development Committee sponsored the new 2040 release of Plans. It contains a short-term action roadmap for 2020, a medium-term roadmap for 2025 and a long-term roadmap for 2035.

The 2040 roadmap has 41 priorities as part of the city' s strategy, which JICA recommendations call for the 2040 roadmap to be launched by 2020, with the priorities being reviewed and updated every five years. There are 96 city transportation developments and nine policy initiatives, including modernization of buses, transportation and security services, transit-oriented expansion and YRTA strengthening," said JICA.

Yangon region is already addressing several of these issues. An advanced system of buses known as the BRT Lite - on the basis of a JICA proposal - was adopted in 2015, and YRTA is in the midst of extending the system to new lines operated by public-private sponsors.

Yangon's Myanma Railways chooses winners for $2.5 billion Yangon railroad terminal projects

Burma Railways has appointed a group of Myanmar, China and Singapore companies to carry out the major rehabilitation of the Yangon Central Railway Station - one of the biggest real estate investments in the state to date at an estimate of $2.5 billion. Singapore quoted Oxley Holdings yesterday evening reported that its syndicate, which included Myanmar's Min Dhama and China's Great Wall was named preferential tenderer for the venture.

She proposed a syndicate consisting of Singapore publicly traded Yoma Strategic Holdings and Myanmar publicly traded First Myanmar Investment, both of which are associated with business man Serge Pun. It said that the joint venture - "a joint design with a new key transport junction integrating railway and urban transport, encircled by residential and commercial facilities" - will comprise approximately 25.7 ha, of which 1.09 million sq. m. of usable area will be built.

NOXLEY has received a note from the CEO of Myanma Railways, U Tun Aung Thin, saying that the final ruling to place the bid with the syndicate was taken at a cabinets session on January 30. It said that Myanmar Railways would soon be informing Oxley of a date for "negotiation meetings".

Mottama Holdings, a joint venture of U Yang Ho, a Myanmar-Chinese businessman, is a fully integrated part of Min Dhama Holdings. Comprising one of the biggest vacant lots in the centre of Yangon, the development will remodel the north edge of the city centre and bring high-rise tower blocks into an area that currently includes railways and single-storey houses.

At the centre of the building is a new, future-oriented train terminus, which will be erected next to the current landmarked building on today's railways. It' s quite uncommon for a town to have this kind of property available," Tony Picon, vice-chairman of Colliers International Myanmar, said to Frontier last year.

Approximately 10,000 persons, mainly railwaymen and their families, are being displaced. An Myanma Railway officer informed Frontier that the administration personnel would be moved to Tarmwe Township and that service personnel and other workmen were to be moved to Ywartharygi in East Dagon Township. The invitation to bid aroused great interest among the development engineers, but was not without problems.

Following the project's announcement in May 2014, Myanma Railways began by receiving 34 letters of interest and shortlisting 28 prospective engineers. The call was, however, annulled after only three official submissions had been submitted by 6 January 2015 and none were considered appropriate. In August the following year, Myanma Railways issued a new invitation to bid, again inviting the bidders to express their interest.

The company reported in February 2016 that 15 of its potential development or joining forces have been entered into in 14 states. The Myanma Railways accused the absence of suggestions that consortia would have to repay a $4 million loan. Although it was recognised that this was a problem after the first call for tenders, the request was maintained the second one.

Myanma Railways estimates the necessary investments at $2.5 billion. An M&A Iconic Group representative, a Myint & Associates associated firm with U Moe Myint, said they had chosen not to continue their interest in the scheme as there was not enough timeframe for a full technological viability assessment.

However, the firm was unsuccessful in its search for an extended offer period. More information on the conversion of the Yangon Central Railway Station can be found in Frontier's October 2017 detailed article and photographic essays.

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