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Myanmar has designed new Yangon Oblast municipal planning schemes that invite domestic and international business leaders to participate in the Yangon Investment Forum recently hosted in the trading town. Yangon Regional Investment Committee indicated that the new town-planning will include sub-centres, new cities, train-station sites and industry areas.

The Yangon City Heritage List includes a UK domicile that was pulled down by a property development company to make room for a development in Yangon's Bahan Township. In February, The Mayor's Residence on the 13 hectare site of the now abandoned Myayeik Nyo Hotel was pulled down by the Zaykabar Company, which is currently working on a $500 million property with 12 structures between 382 and 412ft high.

It was abandoned on militarily ground until the Yangon authorities approved the security precautions for a 92-year-old dam area. Myanmar's main trading capitol, Yangon and its environs, is giving birth to a deadlocked growth strategy that aims to turn the country's biggest town into the nearest South East Asia business centre, twice the scale of Singapore.

Myanmar Railways has selected a group of Myanmar, China and Singapore companies to carry out the major refurbishment of Yangon Central Station, one of the country's biggest real estate investments to date at an estimate of $2.5 billion. Irrawaddy, Wednesday, February 14, 2018, members of the Yangon region parliament denounced a new bill that allows the Yangon Municipal Development Committee (YCDC), the community's executive organ, to run businesses that generate taxes for the city's more than 5 million inhabitants.

Replacing the 1922 City of Rangoon Municipal Act and the Yangon City Development Committee Act in 2013, as the Council of State believes they need to be overhauled. Mayor U Maung Maung Soe presented the new proposal to Parliament on 2 February on Parliament's authority on the Yangon region government's authority.

Sunday, February 11, 2018 The biggest conservation effort to date in downtown Yangon will open its gates this comingpring, no longer as a gloomy legal and judicial establishment, but as a luxury five-star resort. Transforming the old collegiate New Laws Courts into the stylish Kempinski Yangon Heritage Park will not only help to satisfy the demands for upscale hotels and venues in the town.

This will also serve as an incentive for other conservation efforts that will ultimately destroy the spooky city of Naypyitaw, which has been hanging over the Yangon Colonian heartland since the Myanmar administration dissolved the wholesaling business in the new capitol of Naypyitaw in 2005/06. The YHT was founded in 2012 as a competence center for city planning and culture inheritance managment.

Their task is to increase consciousness of the city's legacy and to motivate the communities and others to safeguard it. It was attended by delegates from municipal and provincial administrations, NGOs, domestic and foreign specialists and business people. Myanmar Times, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, will be open to the general public from Wednesday for three working nights to celebrate the seventy years of Martyrs' Day, on which General Aung San and eight others were murdered, said Darren McLean, MDM. The Myanmars secretariat has been refurbished with part of the initial facility.

The 125-year-old house stood empty for a long period of tipping, and there was a lot of challenge in this refurbishment scheme, and there was a lot of damaging caused by flooding and termites, he said. Is the Yangon Secretariat being handed back to the public? "In those days you could go into and discover the old settlement houses.

"I' d like the house to be given back to the public," he said, sitting in his apartment, about ten steps from the outskirts of the secretariat. The Yangon has a frame to become a green town, with three priority areas for the town' s green credentials, said Robert Marshall, head of B+H Architects, Canada' Corporate Design and Scenery.

Walking through historical CBDs, shipping buses and rail reconstruction are necessary for more sustained city planning in Yangon, he said last Monday at the Yangon Sustained Growth Seminary in Sule Shangrila. "When it comes to the notion of sustained city planning, the objective is to generate income from investments in terms of the economy, society and the environment, and this should be the goal of the public authorities, the individual sectors and all other interested parties.

That was the key theme of a workshop in Sule-Shangrila on sustainable urban development in Yangon organised by B+H Architekten in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada in Yangon on 19 June. 120-year-old GTI in Insein in the Yangon Region will re-open its door and educate students in engineering and professional fields with the help of the Germ...

YANGON, Myanmar - Riding through the story on the charming old Circle Line rail. Constructed more than 60 years ago to link suburban countryside and urban areas with the town' s business centre, the locomotives - some almost as old as the line itself - move almost 100,000 passengers a night in a 28 mile long, slower bend around Myanmar's largest town.

How long will democracy hold "Car Iindependence Day" in Yangon? YHT says the Blue Badge, which had been placed on the Yangon Stock Exchange, was the eighteenth most popular. The YHT presents Blue Plaques in recognition of Yangon's most important architectonic sights. The YHT has been conducting a poll since 2013 to gather information on historic sites throughout the town.

This non-government organisation, which is committed to the preservation of historical monuments in the town, has been running the Urban Heritage Inventory since it was established in 2012. To date, almost 6,000 historic monuments - some of which date from the UK settlement - have been recorded in nine urban areas in and around the town. Myanmar Frontier, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Pathin parasols were exposed as if hovering over the footbridge on Sule Pagoda Road, while "visual poetry" on Pansodan Road bordered the last section of Dala's shuttle route and a "sound suit" inviting visitors to the parkland to enter a megaphone-tipped screen and take the air.

This was one of nearly a dozen publicly shown at the second yearly My Yangon My Home Arts and Culture Fortificationtival, which took place throughout the town from February 25 to March 12. Naypyidaw, Myanmar's main town, has been the center of interest since Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) came to rule in a land-slide elections in November 2015.

However, a change is also taking place in the Yangon economy - and it could have a considerable impact on the development of the town in the coming years. The Yangon is at a crossroads. Myanmar's culture journey, Friday, April 7, 2017 Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was shaped by the Golden Land for its wealth of culture and pristine ressources.

Myanmar has opened up to the tourist industry in recent years and occupies a privileged place in many illuminated people. RANGOON - The three-story edifice on the Bo Aung Kyaw and Merchant Road corners of Rangoon city center is a self-desh.

Initially the goal was to preserve the city's monuments threatened by demolition, but now the group's main emphasis has broadened to cover wider issues of municipal planning. Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein released a video on Facebook on March 1 in which he said that the local administration preserves around 200 historic Yangon building.

"In Yangon we are conserving historical monuments with about 200 monuments.... We are also planning to maintain and restore the old Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the Secretariat without compromising the value of the monument. Founder Chairman Dr. Thant Myint-U said Yangon has a proud tradition of education and training, with the capital bringing forth many local and international scientists and governmen.

The Nikkei Asiann Review, Friday February 3, 2017 Hollywood celebrity Douglas was used to admiration, but even he was overcome by the welcome when he reached Rangoon in March 1931. FAIRBASKS, who was on a trip through Asia, was in Burma, now Myanmar, on his way to India.

Bogyoke Aung San Markt has been awarded a commemorative badge in the form of a red badge honouring the historical and architectonic importance of the second most beloved traveling city in the world. The Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein conducted the January 20 installment ceremonies, severed a tape and used cheap Eugenia sheets to scatter the sticker with fresh sprinkling waters on a nearby walls near the front door to the mar ket.

It is the sixteenth in the YHT's effort to emphasize historic monuments and famous people who have helped to make the history of the town. The Bogyoke Market has been a place where Yangon citizens can buy the latest fashions, artwork, souvenirs and a place where they can spend their free time since it opened in 1926.

In order to boost the country's economy, the Rangoon Division will open a Yangon River District Authority next year, making it another travel center in Burma's economic center. Burma's former capitol lies on the shore of the Hlaing River, also known as the Rangoon River, with a long riverbank, but there was very restricted accessibility to the area due to the enclosed storage facilities, marinas and harbours along the water.

Yangon's brightening began after the 2010 parliamentary elections that put President Thein Sein in office and with him an unparalleled era of politics and government. "Yangon city centre was transformed into many electric stores six years ago, but now there are new cafés, eateries, souvenir stores, student residences and shop hotels," said YHT director Moe Moe Lwin.

Yangon's inner city was even more crowded than ever on the weekends when the Yangon Living Street Experience Project attracted tens of thousand inquisitive people. However, these years of stasis also provided some shelter for the old Yangon capital's old settlement dating back to settlement. The Myanmar Times, Friday, October 21, 2016 I have been living in Myanmar for a while; long enough that on the opportunities I am leaving, I am very taken with things in other lands that I would not have found remarkable before.

RANGOON - The Rangoon Division administration has established a curatorship to administer the renovation of one of the most prestigious building of Burma's Colonization, the secretariat, said Rangoon Division Minister of Electricity, Transport and Communications, Daw Nilar Kyaw. It contains a map, description and opinion on the conservation of Yangon's cultural inheritance and a strategy for long-term growth.

Twenty-four schemes are planned, among them the extension of public gardens and the modernisation of the Yangon inner cities roads to make the town a centre for global artistic and cultural activity. Yangon Cultural heritage is a 150-page article outlining YHT's mission and policy of combining preservation and sustainability. It addresses all major stakeholder groups - from local executives to local salespeople, urban dwellers and companies - and comprises 24 "action plans" on topics that range from extending the parks and improving the streetscape to turning Yangon's inner cities into a major cultural and artistic metro.

"In those days you could go into and discover the old settlement houses. "I' d like the house to be given back to the public," he said, sitting in his apartment, about ten steps from the outskirts of the secretariat. After YHT has refurbished the YHT premises, the book will be relocated from its present site on Thiri Mingalar Yeikthar Road in Yankinownship to the former Burma Oil Company head office on Merchant Street.

"That will be a big leap forward for the regeneration of the old city centre. Yangon is characterised in a land that has suffered loss of much of its architectonic legacy by its unbroken settlement centre, characterised by years of abandonment and stagnation under the army jungle and the shortage of international investment during its decade-long period of insulation.

In 2005, the government's move from Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw further accelerated the decline of the already existing office complex. But while the state has made unparalleled progress in the direction of global commerce and travel since its opening in 2011, Yangon's pale glamor - consisting of a timeless cultural timeline, gold pinnacles and a wide range of architectural style and type - is undoubtedly the greatest attraction for Myanmar's former capitol, testify to travel agents with whom DDG Asia has spoken.

AFP, 12 juin 2016Home to Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and a collage od orant of shops that Burst own to live as Myanmar's biggest metropolis vakes up, the colonial-era Building known simply as''491-501 Merchant Street' keeps a mirror up to Yangon. Cultural heritarians are now hoping that the collaboration will act as a blueprint to save the city's other architectonic assets, which have been devastated by years of abandonment under the former regime.

Weltjüdischer Kongress, Wednesday, June 8, 2016 Older Myanmar administration officers attended the only Chinese temple in Yangon, the Burma capitol, on the anniversary of the revelation of a commemorative tablet commemorating the Jews' identity in the Southeast Asia area. In addition to several Israeli and Canadian Myanmar secretaries and embassies, Thant Myint U, grandchild of former UN Secretary-General U Thant, Daw Than Than Nu, daughters of a former Burma Premier, and heads of Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Baha'i groups were present.

The badge was placed on one of the highest buildings known for its historic and architectonic characteristics at a ceremonial event last night, said YHT communication director Ma Shwe Yinn Mar Oo. Built in 1914, it houses the office of the Calcutta-based insurer orientental Life Assurance and has been used by the British government since 1957.

May 25, 2016 UK Newspaper the Guardian this weeks released a feature on changes in the Yangon skin line. With the advent of democratization and the first civil rule since 1962, Myanmar is also adopting the innovation of rampant speculation. The Yangon city' s sprawling city is littered with crane and cement frame as a series of new spires rise above the dilapidated roofs of the old city.

Yangon's Restauration Gains TempoNekkei Asian Review, May 27, 2016YANGON - Yangon is often featured in the press as a bursting settlement of broken down former Colonies, falling into ruin after half a hundred years of violent mismanagement and the sudden relocation of the administration to the shining, newly constructed Naypyitaw a decade ago. However, an effort is being made to refurbish the noteworthy Yangon building collections and transform them into useful applications to bring new lease of fancy to the town.

An example is the re-opening of a humble series of two-story commercial buildings at 491-501 Merchant Street in the centre of the former German capitol at the end of April. With the opening of the state to the outside the old capitol has become the youngest play area for owners of buildings from all over the globe and puts the historical buildings of the old part of the metropolis under considerable stress.

"A poster wall under a new living-room of Service Flats in the traffic-calmed town of Yangon announces: "Premium Living for your Dream". The RANGOON - A 100-year-old Rangoon innercity building is being completely renovated due to the work of two monument conservation groups and the collaboration with its inhabitants, NGO officials said at a Friday newsroom.

As of Saturday, the 90 per cent completed edifice will be open to the general public for a period of three inches. Year of Yangon Life, May 5, 2016 Yangon has many beautiful edifices, one of the most beautiful collection in Southeast Asia. Most of them, especially the old ones, are decayed because they were long abandoned by the town.

It is located on Merchant Rd. of the Yangon city centre and is over 10 years old. The Yangon City Development Council approved the restoration in April 2014 to make the population and public agencies more aware of the value of monuments.

Yangon's zone map will move from a blueprint to legislation this year, YCDC officers said early this year. FRONTIER, Thursday, March 3, 2016 An aggressive project was developed to rebuild Waziya Theatre, the largest of the seven film theatres that once bordered Yangon's Bogyoke Aung San Road.

Waziya Cinema in Yangon town centre is now locked with padlocks; passing a staircase full of salesmen who quickly took up the unoccupied spot, passers-by can hardly take a look inside. At least for the 4th year in a row, the event location, a small but distinctive edifice in the shade of one of the few high-rises in the town, was closed down and new invention.

Yangon building coupling has been demolished in recent month, Myanmar nature protection specialists said, and raised concerns that designers are hurrying through disputed destruction before a Aung San Suu Kyi-led administration overrides. Myanmar's capital is undergoing a building booming period triggered by an almost civil regime of economical and politic reform under the leadership of former military generalities. Following the electoral victory in November, Suu Kyi's pro-democracy faction has been relinquished sovereignty.

Myanmar Times, Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Intelligent Municipal Design will shape Yangon's bright prospects and - if the Yangon administration makes it right - could be valued at dozens of billion US dollar. ÇURBED, October 14, 2015 The Shwedagon Pagoda is the holiest Buddhist site in Myanmar, towering up into the skies like a megacol.

Situated in the former capitol of the South East Asia land and the biggest town of Yangon, the 2,500-year-old memorial attracts tourists from all over the world to visit its coupé, which is clad with centuries of golden panels and diamond-studded stupas, a domed Buddha school. An itinerary through Myanmar's biggest town unveils the history of the city's lovely but decayed outbuildings.

"It' s now or never," says my tour leader May Lyar Soe, as she takes me to a nice reddish brickwork house and shows me where I can prevent the huge gaps in the marmor. As in many Yangon city center structures, there grow out of the sashes. Weekly, 22 September 2015 YANGON, 22 September 2015:

Built in 1906, the Lokanat Palace was famous for the Lokanat Art Gallery on the first level, which more than 100 years ago was importing tile from Manchester. According to a news item, the house is now inhabited by the tax authorities and several privately owned companies. he Myanmar Times, Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Construction in the vicinity of old structures and palagodas must be approved by the Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library under a new act.

Yangon's monuments are becoming more and more regarded as a touristic attraction, although many of them are in danger. Last month's Act on the Protection and Preservation of Old Houses is designed to safeguard the country's old structures, although the statutes, which will govern much of the practical operation of the Act, have not yet been published.

At present, the Ministry of Culture is approving the building of old houses under the 1998 Regional Act for the Protection and Conservation of Cultural Assets, but will switch to the new Act with the adoption of its statutes. KOLKATA: She has walked untiringly around the writers' building to investigate how some cultural inheritance blocs are being demolished in the hope of reclaiming know-how to help in the restoration of cultural monuments.

Myanmar based Moe Moe Lwin documents and photographs monuments that resemble Yangon's landmarks. Rehabilitation of the Merchant Road between 39 and 40 Street will be done according to the latest state of the art. According to a news release, the property will have a mixture of industrial and private uses after completion.

Uninterruptedly in use since 1912, the Yangon Historic Landmark House and six other historic monuments merged into one. Even though the badge does not provide any form of judicial security for monuments, it does mean something and tells its story to the Myanmar people.

July 13, 2015 Although the first overseas projects were completed, the Dagon City 1 designer respected the government's choice. Landmark has declared its willingness to accept the government's mandate to complete the Dagon City 1 investment. "Whilst everything we have done is correct, legitimate and in the best interests of our clients and the general community, we are respecting the opinion of the general community, especially that of the Sangha members, and we are working with the administration on an agreement that will uphold the Myanmar FDI treaty," said a leader of Myanmar's Landmark, who asked not to be called.

Myanmar Times (9 July 2015) The president's surprising rejection of the five events near the Shwedagon Pagoda on 7 July was the climax of a month-long campaign to end the disputed work. The My Magical Myanmar A memorial sign in dark green was placed on 29 May 2015 at Yangon's historical main post office on Strandstrasse, after the City Hall, the AYA Bank (formerly Rowe & Co Department Store), the Armenian Church and the Central Fire Station.

The General Post Office is situated on the intersection of Bo Aung Kyaw Street and Strand Rd and is one of the Yangon City Development Committee's landmarked properties. This is also one of the most beautiful specimens of Yangon's architectonic heritages. Myanmar Times (May 19, 2015) The Shwedagon Pagoda is the historic and culture center of Yangon, and when its nature fades, the nature of Yangon will also pale, said Daw Huing Maw Oo, deputy head of the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development's Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Myanmar Times (May 5, 2015)Last month's publication of two cultural inheritance bills blinded Yangon's most important monument group and the urban agencies that worked together on a cultural inheritance bill. Both say, however, that a special nature conservancy bill will continue to be necessary for Yangon, even if the new bills come into force.

Theirawaddy ( (April 22, 2015) RANGOON - Burma's Burmese administration has issued two draft laws to safeguard cultural assets that would help better preserve homes and facilities, said an officer, a step that has been greeted by legislators and heritarians. On Monday, the state paper Myanma Alin issued two draft laws, the so-called Care and Conservation of Ancient Building Bill and Care and Conservation of Antiquities Bill, for examination by the state.

Yangon's famous but dilapidated secretariat triggered a fire in the public relations press after U Aye Ne Win, the former junta's grandchild, published images on Facebook that describe "a powerful smell of nostalgia" at the ruin.

ON THE IRRAWADDY (March 23, 2015) RANGOON - The use of the historic secretarial office in Rangoon as a location for the anniversary celebration of the former reigning general's subsidiary has triggered a flood of on-line critique after Facebook hosted pictures of the soiree on the weekends. The Irrwady (March 16, 2015) As a long-time resident of Yangon, U Maw Lin has experienced many changes in the former capitol.

Born in an apartment with a view of the Sule Pagoda in the centre of the city, he spent his childhood playing soccer in Maha Bandoola Park across the street. Yangon River Beachfront Harbour is being modernized, although some specialists are demanding greater use of Yangon's seafront promenade by the state.

The construction of further storage halls and office premises near the shore is planned, while three of the new moorings have already been opened. Between Yangon's Jetty Wharf's leafy storehouses is the historical Keighley Street Goods Office of Burma Railways from that time. Indeed, the then town of Rangoon itself was an important trading centre for the area and an important revenue stream for the indigenous people who lived there in the early twentieth world.

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