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Sah Zafar and Kalibari Temple in Yangon during his first bilateral visit to Myanmar. The third meeting of the Union peace conference begins today. Myanmar TV and Myawaddy TV are the two main channels providing news and entertainment in the Burmese language. Find out who you know on Myanmar Business Today, use your professional network and get hired. The news reports say he was released on bail today.

Catholic from all over Myanmar in Yangon on the occasion of the Pope Francis' coming.

In Yangon, our Yangon Correspondents reported on the warm welcome Pope Francis was given by the masses of pilgrims who were lining the Yangon road from the city's Aiport. It is suffocatingly warm here in Yangon town centre, but that has not stopped tens of millions of people from entering the town to line parts of the road the Pope's car convoy was driving past today on their way from the airfield to the Archbishop's home.

They came from all over the land, especially from the northerly states where the vast majority of Christians reside, mostly in remote, rustic or hilly towns. They felt their commotion as they were waving the Vatican or Myanmar flag and waited for the Holy Father to be over. Other people wore caps and T-shirts with the words "Love and Peace", the travel's emblem pictured above a colorful outlines of the land to identify the 135 ethnical groups of the Southeast Asia state.

A group of ardent Catholics danced and sang in the archbishops' gardens (among them a few monks whose whiteness and veil set them apart from the mob. The screams of Pope Francis as the bluecar sweeping through the doors got feverish as he got out and walked up the road to the cream-coloured-colored, colorful city.

On Tuesday he will return to the Aung San Suu Kyi International Headquarters for a brief trip to the country's capitol, Nay Pyi Taw, where he will be greeted by the country's Chairman and Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi. The crowd of avid Catholics who were lining the roads today will therefore have to sit and listen to and see the Holy Father until Wednesday mornings.

At the beginning of the month I encountered many of the local people on their way to Yangon from other cities and communities across the countryside, among them a couple of happy kids who were selected today as part of the welcome team at the Aiport. Most of the Catholics come from impoverished backgrounds and most of them said to me that they had no shelter here in the town.

They just tent on the area of this sport stadium and wait for their big moments with patience.

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