Yangon Myawaddy Bus

Myawaddy Yangon Bus

Some will take passengers to Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda and Myawaddy Maesot. Review, dates and ticket reservations Asian Dragon Travels and Excursions offers comfortable trips and excursions through Myanmar for independents. We pride ourselves on having expert leaders and safer riders. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Min Naing and Mr.

Than Zin, the business has grown over the past 17 years. Asia Dragon began as a coach operator located in Yangon.

The result was the possibility to offer a simple trip or a complete travel packet to the tourist. Traditional itineraries lead from Yangon to beaches like Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha. Some will take you to the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda and Myawaddy Maesot. Please find below the places where Asia Dragon will be served with the fare and estimate of the duration:

Ngwe Saung from Yangon. Departure at 21.00 and arrival around 6.00. Chaung Tha from Yangon. Departure at 9 pm and arrival at 6 am. Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda. Departure at 21.00 and arrival at 2.30. One of the few coach operators to offer a local shuttle service between Yangon and Myawaddy on the Thai frontier.

From Yangon, the overnight coach allows you to quickly travel across the frontier in the mornings and take the Mae Sot to Chiang Mai in the mornings. Myawaddy from Yangon. Departure at 7 pm and arrival at 5 am. Travel packs are higher depending on the duration of the journey.

Let's take a look at other travellers' experience with Asia Dragon to see if this is the best for you. We have some good ratings from travelers who are booking a group trip with Asia Dragon from Yangon to Chaung Tha or Ngwe Saung Beaches as the airline offers free overnight collection.

Travelers say that Asia Dragon busses are usually fashionable and roomy and will help you take a fairly long trip. The trip from Yangon to Kyaikhtiyo is also unexpectedly enjoyable and free of the unavoidable frauds and nuisances you come across while crossing Bago. It has a great track record and many of those who have traveled with Asia Dragon emphasize a very self-assured and safe riding experience for the company's riders - they look very cautious and look like professionals, in contrast to the enormous speed other businesses have.

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