Yangon Myanmar what to do

Myanmar Yangon what to do

The Yangon, the trading city, is the main gateway to Myanmar. We share the best destinations in Myanmar in three parts for a two-week trip. I don't mind if we do. Yangon's largest market is the best place for your purchases. The Yangon is a mixture of ancient wealth and postcolonial rebellion!

8 things to do in Yangon, Myanmar you should not miss

Rangoon. Yangoon. Yangon. Nobody says it like that (it's actually Yangon - Rangoon is the old name, and Yangoon is, well, just the wrong one! ), but almost everyone who visits Myanmar crosses the country's biggest town. MYANMAR' s rapidly evolving ex-colonial center continues to be its business and culture center, and the town is currently developing a remarkably contemporary arts landscape amidst its centuries-old coughe.

Whilst most travellers only stay a few nights in Yangon, I have returned to the town 3 x and lived there for a whole of 15 nights - giving me a lot of free rein to absorb the town' s ambience and try its variety of sights, from the most evident to the most famous!

Yangon is often referred to as the "land of the pagodas" and is home to some of the country's largest. There is no way to get to the town without visiting the glittering Buddhas: sleep, sit, stand - they are all here!

Things to do in Yangon

After all, I love to spend quality material in Myanmar, and I take every opportunity to get there. Those who are looking for an genuine purchasing event can make it even more difficult than the Botataung Paya nocturnal market. Situated near the Rangoon riverbank in southern Rangoon, the Paya is one of the city's greatest attractions, illuminated at day.

At the Paya area..... You can do yourself a favour and come to the Shwedagon Pagoda when it gets dark. Every moment the golden colour (and the giant diamonds at the top) changes in the dazzling sunshine and the template comes to life at nocturnal. And there she was, the Sule Pagoda, a Myanmar stomping ground in central Yangon.

Yangon Circular Trains make a bend that runs to other cities and neighborhoods in the area. Local people get in and out at all stations, while others take the chance to go on sale while trying to counterbalance the tablet with the fruit in a tractor. A charming place offering a wide range of South East Asia cuisine from Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Be part of the crowds of wooing pairs, homes and single people who all enjoy the end of the days while they enjoy the attractions that surrounds the garden. The Sule Paya on one side, the old High Court, the Town Hall (in the picture) and the East and West in Penang, the pub with its effective.....

Mangosteen Mansion is situated in the Yangon area, known as'Golden Valley', and is an artisanal studio, art galleries and exhibition room as well as the 20 year old home and workplace of the famous sculptor and graphic design studio of the famous Parisian Patrick Robert. Following some interesting review we have made the decision that it is high enough to visit the Drug Elimination Museum, the name itself is enough to arouse your curiosity.

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