Yangon Myanmar what to do

Myanmar Yangon what to do

It is Myanmar's largest and economically most important city. These are some highlights of things to do, see and eat when you are planning a trip. Explore the best sights in Yangon, including Belmond Governor's Residence, Loft Hotel, Alamanda Inn. Have a look at our list of locals who are ready to show you the best of Yangon, Myanmar Burma. It is like a school where you can learn something every day.

The Yangon travel guide: Yangon 11 Activities

To find out what you can do and see in Yangon, see this page. It was things I found and reached on the way to the Shwedagon Pagoda. In the early mornings you can see a parade of friars going through the neighbourhood taking charity from the people. Neighbourhoods take good charge of the friars by giving them nourishment in return for it.

Transport in a strange land can work differently, and with possible linguistic obstacles, many travellers don't know if they can handle it. In practice, they shared with the crowd and I did not know the Hindi languages, the system of payment or the buses I could get off at. I also found my way, learnt from watching others, asked for help and found ways to get around the linguistic bar!

Find out how to get the bus in a Yangon. There are so many things to see when you're exploring the roads on foot. So many things. One can see some of these things through a cab, but when one is on the road, it is a very different emotion and one has a lot of free space to record and really see things.

Have a look at my tape to see my nosy salesman and the enigmatic man who appeared to be a "drug dealer". As you may encounter a linguistic obstacle, your inquisitiveness may be the answer to a culture puzzle. Fortunately, I asked a few simple question and found out that my "drug dealer" was not a drugs-dealer after all.

Explore the alleyways and roads near the Shwedagon Lagoon and discover many small stores and sellers. Close to the Shwedagon-Pagode, you will find sculpture stores and the work of art is unbelievable. There are even stores selling objects for friars from beggars' shells, sacred literature, house shoes, handbags and a sari.

The over 2,600-year-old cemetery is the holiest Buddhaist memorial that defines Myanmar's cultur. SWEDAGON Official Website. Burma has long been suspicious of its administration when it comes to money, so keep your accounts crunchy. There are also buddhistic friars with beggars' shells who charge $1. I think they are forged.

You know, Yangon has limitations on his ability to move. To get to the Aiport it is simplest to reserve a pick-up and return from and to the Aiport.

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