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Weather in Yangon Myanmar

The Yangon has a tropical monsoon climate, which means it is hot and humid all year round. Weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar in June, average. Test average temperature, sunshine & rainfall and more to Yangon, Burma. Working in China - Studying in China - Visiting China - Living in China - Emergency - Weather. Britain refuses to extradite the suspect in the Yangon murder.

June weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar

In Rangoon, Yangon, the mean June weather is 27.35 °C (81.23 °F). The afternoon can be very warm with moderate high ambient air of 30.2 °C (86.4 °F). Accommodation is generally quite warm with an mean low of 76.1 °F (24.5 °C). The mean dayly fluctuation in June is 5.7 °C (10.3 °F).

Weather in June is really wet with rains. Yangon, with an averaging 2:34 hours of daily sunlight, is dark in June. Shorthest is 13:02 and longest is 13:07 with an avarage length of 13:05.

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More about Yangon, Burma - Best Holidays

If you want to organize your vacation in Yangon, check out the weather forcast! Check out the seven-day weather forecasts for the major Burmese towns. Easyvoyage's weather tools provide you with weather and precipitation readings for each target as well as storm strength and heading and sunrise and sundown time.

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Weather averages for holiday planning, Burma

Are you going to Yangon? Weather permitting, find the best time of the week to come to Yangon. Find out about the weather in Yangon before you make your next 2018/2019 vacation reservation. Today's highest temperatures in Yangon are estimated at 29°C, while the July mean highest temperatures are 30°C. Above table shows the risks of a hurricane in Yangon, Burma.

Review the average values of the Yangon vacation weather for a specific period by choosing from the drop-down menu below. The weather guide contains information on temperatures, precipitation, sunny periods and ocean temperatures as well as everyday sunrises and sunsets. Under the Yangon weather map the max. daytime temperatures for Yangon, Burma and Great Britain (London) are displayed.

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