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Obtain Myanmar Visa Online without going to an embassy. Anyone have any further information about the India visa in Yangon (Myanmar)? SANTÁFE offers moving, moving, real estate, visa and immigration services to individuals and businesses moving to Myanmar. and Myanmar's two largest cities, Yangon and Mandalay. Outings like this will make tourists revel in Yangon.

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Hello dudes I am in myanmar in mary then Sri Lanka then on lndia, has anyone lately been getting the 6 months visa from the Yangon Embassy been ssuccessful? Lorraine: Why not get your Indian visa in the UK (and your Myanmar visa) first? Visa for lndia system works very well in the UK (I have done it three times) and would be my own individual one.

I' ve thought about it, but I plan on being in lndia until September, would I be very firm and dangerous for me to apply for before leaving the UK on 2 Mar, will the visa start if from the date it is legally processed? a... Did you get the visa?

I' m looking forward to getting a 6 months visa for India in Mandalay..... It' s a very long procedure in Yangon now, you have to take fingerprints, they only see 150 guys a days, so you have to stand in line all evening just to get a number for the next one.

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The 2018 Myanmar Tourism Conference took place today at MICC II, Naypyitaw. This conference was organized by the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Hotels & Tourism and other affiliated associations of the Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF). Vice-President U Henry Van Thio opened the conference formally and gave the keynote speech.

Participants in the conference were U Htin Kyaw (former President), HE U Ohn Maung, Minister of the Union for Hotel and Tourism, other members of the Union's cabinets, Prime Ministers and Ministers of Local Government, and many industrial stakeholders.

Sri Lankan Embassy Myanmar

In 1949 Sri Lanka began to establish political ties with Myanmar and in the same year our mission in Yangon was opened. This was one of the first five over sea operations that Sri Lanka opened after the war. Myanmar Mission was opened in Colombo in 1950. Myanmar has announced its intention to contribute 300 tonnes of travel as human aid to the Sri Lankan population affected by the floods of May 2017.

The Union Minister of Trade and the Trade Ministry of the Republic of Myanmar, the Ministry of Finance and the Myanmar Rice Federation have taken the step of continuing the contribution at the Myanmar Government's invitation. Following an inspection of the quality assurance system, the supply system, milling, warehousing, customs and logistics, a ceremonial handover took place on 24.02.2018 in the Pinlekoethwe rice mill in the Dagon Seikkan industrial zone.

Hon. Dr. Than Myint, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Myanmar, together with the Chairmen of the Myanmar Rice Federation, related organisations and ambassadors of Sri Lanka in Myanmar Mr. K.W.N.D. Karunaratne, Minister of the Embassy of Sri Lanka Mr. G.A. Senaratne and Media Personals took part in the meeting.

The opening address by the Union Minister reflected the long tradition of relations between Sri Lanka and Myanmar, not only through contributions and economic exchanges, but also through regional and intercultural exchanges. It also thanked the farmers, travel mills, travel-exporting companies, travel merchants and officials of the Myanmar Regional Federation who volunteered to contribute to this work.

Ambassador Karunaratne, on the government of Sri Lanka, has received a 300 tonne contribution of approximately $150,000 dollars in travel grain to Myanmar and thanked the people of Myanmar sincerely. It also mentioned the shortage of Sri Lanka's rices in recent month due to the poor climate and the value of this contribution at this time.

It also noted the significant growth in travel trading between individual travel-exporting and importing companies in our two economies over the last few month due to the introduction of fiscal incentives by the Sri Lankan authorities. It also thanked the Myanmar authorities, the Union Minister for Commerce and his Department, Myanmar Regional Federations, Reismüller, travel agents, farmers, journalists and others who have provided human aid to the affected populations in the south of Sri Lanka, and reassured that the aid will go directly and efficiently to the tsunami-affected population.

Celebration of the 1970th anniversary of Independence Day of Sri Lanka took place on February 4, 2018 at the Embassy of Sri Lanka under the auspices of H.E. the Ambassador with the involvement of the Embassy and the Sri Lankan expatriate workers in Myanmar. His Excellency the Ambassador raised the national flag while the national anthem was being sung.

Afterwards, the two minute's silence was held in memory of all those who gave their life to protect our mother country Sri Lanka. Under the auspices of H.E. Ambassador K.W.N.D. Karunaratne, Minister G.A. Senaratna, Attaché Frau U.A. Ranasinghe of the Embassy and Chairman of the Sri Lankan Association in Myanmar (SLIM), the incandescent bulb was lit.

Sri Lankan embassies of the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were recited in all three official tongues (Sinhala, Tamil and English). H.E. the Ambassador spoke, who expressed the importance of this event, and all Sri Lankaans are celebrating the Seventieth World War.

Afterwards, the snacks were served to the Ambassador at H.E.'s residence. The Sri Lankan Cuisine Night will take place at the Sule Shangri-La Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar, from February 5-11, 2018, as a commemoration ceremony to mark the 1970th birthday of Independence Day of Sri Lanka in cooperation with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Yangon and the Sri Lankan Association in Myanmar (SLIM).

The Food Festival contributes to raising people' s consciousness for Sri Lankan cuisine and cuisine. Mr Roshan Fernando, Executive Chef at Sule Shangri-La Hotel in Yangon, Mr Nalin Senanayake, Sous Chef and Mr Gamini Weerasinghe, Chef de Partie, Sule Shangri-La Hotel in Sri Lanka will present Sri Lanka's cuisine at this festival.

At the wish of Venerable Mugunuwela Anurudha Thero, a replica of the famed Sacred Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar is being constructed in Balakaduwa in the Matale District, Sri Lanka at the cost of Most Ven. Aung Za Bu Sayadaw, donor of the Aung Za Bu Monastery in Yangon and Mawlamyaing, and Dr. Mrs. Hinn Hinn Aye and many other followers in Myanmar.

Myanmar Most presented the donation to Most Ven. Mugunuwela Anurauddha Thero on November 28, 2017 at the Sri Lankan Embassy for $23,000. During the same ceremonies, the same group gave 3 meter high marble Buddha statues to Sri Lankan temples.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Yangon on 4 February 2017 marked the sixty-nine anniversary of Independence Day of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the auspices of H.E. Ambassador K.W.N.D. Karunaratne on the Embassy grounds with the involvement of Myanmar-based Sri Lankan expats and Embassy personnel and their family.

Celebrations began at 8:00 a.m. with "Buddha pooja", and the formal celebrations began with the raising of the national flag by His Excellency, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Myanmar, Mr. K.W.N.D. Karunaratne, while he played the national anthem of Sri Lanka in Sinhala and Tamil. This was followed by two moments of silence in memory of those who marked their life for Sri Lanka's reliance.

Ignition of the incandescent bulb by the Ambassador, Ambassador and President of the Sri Lankan Association in Myanmar, followed by blessing from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim leaders. Following the celebrations, the embassies of the President, Mr Maithripala Sirisena, the Prime Minister, Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Foreign Minister, Mr Mangala Samaraweera, were presented.

H.E. the Ambassador, Mr. Karunaratne, underlined the importance of the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the independence of our Fatherland. It also emphasised that the Sri Lankan expatriate community in Myanmar is responsible for ensuring Sri Lanka's unit and dignity and development work. To mark Independence Day of the formal breakfast service, the Embassy offered all attendees a refreshing meal with Sri Lankan food in the Ambassador's residence.

The Embassy elegantly organised a welcome dinner for around 250 people at the Park Royal Hotel in Yangon on the night of the meeting. H.E. U Thura U Aung Ko, Minister of the Union for Religious Affairs and Culture, was the main visitor to this meeting. H.E. the Ambassador was traditionally received by H.E. Thura U Aung Ko, Minister of the Union for Religious Affairs and Culture, and his wife, Ambassador, Head of Mission, UN Representative and members of the Embassy of Sri Lanka and their families.

About 150 Sri Lankan expats in Myanmar took part in the event. The Sri Lanka food was presented with funnels and funnels and also Sri Lanka teas with candy, barely, koki, armi and pantalalu were used as desserts for the supper and the guests were extensively tasted and tasted.

On September 21, 2015, the new Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Myanmar began his work in Yangon, and the designated Ambassador was blessed by Hisodhists. The new Ambassador, H.E. Mr. K.W.N.D. Karunaratne, Ambassador Elect of Sri Lanka in Myanmar, is Coordination Secretary of Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Defence with a brilliant track record in more than 35 years in the Government Service of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Bligh has served in several high-level government posts. In an interview with the Embassy personnel, he stressed the importance of further developing the centuries-old close relationship between Myanmar and Sri Lanka based on Theravada Buddhism. It also said it hoped to work in a constructive manner with the Government of Myanmar to share its cultural and spiritual experience and other developments taking place in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Ambassador, H.E. Mr K.W.N.D. Karunaratne is the 21 st Ambassador representing the Government of Sri Lanka in Myanmar since the beginning of the Diplomatic relationship between the two nations in 1948.

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