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The travel blogger Laugh Travel Eat went through Yangon and accompanied us on an evening street food tour. We' just finished our wonderful trip in Myanmar: Receive your travel packages for Myanmar! Mandalay Inle Lake Bagan. Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport, transfer to the hotel in a private car.

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Hello, I wonder if anyone knows a good chauffeur or tourist guides for a full days in Yangon. We' re going back from Thandwe to Yangon in the mornings, and we' re only going to Bangkok at nights to let our baggage somewhere, I think it would be best to get a private chauffeur for the afternoon, unless someone knows about some kind of cloakroom?

An English-language licenced travel agent and chauffeur located in Yangon. At the end of February we made a 2-week journey from Yangon to Mandalay, but he also makes excursions in Yangon. I wish you a pleasant journey! re: Your travel leader in Yangon.

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Burma Tours Expert is a department of Alan Tour, based in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Regardless of your travel destinations and budgets, Myanmar Tours' expert teams and practical personnel are planning a personalized Burma Tour & Indochina Tour to suit your travel needs. The Myanmar Tours expert group!


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Take the sun-dried tomato out of the tap and let it chill. As soon as the chickens have come off the skeleton, pick them up from the tap and put them aside to chill (keep the tapioca - we use them for the soup). Take the flesh off the skeletons and chop the flesh into cubes. Put the skeletons together with the nuggets of gingerbread, 2 gloves of apple back into the boiling pot and cook (add additional boiling point if necessary), season with seasoning and topping.

To make the catsauce:: Peel the peel and squash the sunflower seeds with a forks. Warm the frying pans, mix all the oil and sauté the chopped onions, chopped cloves of apple and spices with a little fishmong. Fold in the sunflower seeds and the sugars and let them boil until the thick and thickest tomato juice is obtained (add a little bit of tapa so that it tastes good but is not too watery).

Put the pasta in boiled watermelon until flabby, then cut into shells. Pour the tomatoes on top, then decorate the hen with scallion green and groundnuts.

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