Yangon Myanmar Tourist Attractions

Myanmar Yangon Tourist Attractions

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Although YANGON is no longer the capital, thanks to the glorious Shwedagon Paya it remains the commercial heart of Myanmar and also the core of its spiritual life. There are a number of religious places in Yangon that are a must for any visitor coming to Myanmar. It is the former capital and the main gateway to Myanmar. In Yangon everyone believes in spirituality. Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma).

Myanmar, Yangon 11 Best Activities (Worth it)

It is most likely that Yangon is the place where you will get your first glimpse of Myanmar. Don't think it will be something like Bangkok, because the tourist industry hasn't really struck Myanmar yet and the town is a mixture of mess and places of worship. It' feeling very different from the other Asian countries and is a fresh diversion, where you don't see so many visitors and the hotspots aren't (still!) crowded.

With this guidebook showing only the best things to see and do, it's simple to find out where to go in Yangon. It is one of the biggest towns in Myanmar, but it also has the most attractions you want to see in one place in comparison to the whole state.

While Yangon may seem harsh on the fringes, when you get up close to the city' s cultural, dining and amazing sights, you will begin to fall in love with how different and special Yangon is. Traveling to Yangon is the most frequent way. Since 12Go is the biggest and most trustworthy airline for the carriage of buses, train, ferry, transfers and air travel throughout Southeast Asia, I strongly advise you to book this service.

Discover what you can do in Yangon for an epochal towntime! If it comes to the attractions in Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is the most well-loved. It' 99 meters high and it' overlaid with gild. It' really a wonderful place and I suggest you come to it in the early afternoons to see it in the sun and then remain for sundown when the light turns on and the golden glow begins.

The Shwedagon is an important place of worship where you can see how humans move around the shedagon and perform ceremonies after the date of their birth. It' s very well conserved as it is over 2500 years old, making it the world's ancient Buddha school and the most important holy place in all of Myanmar.

Differences between a template, a spaghetti and a stupa are that a spaghetti is a general concept for a template orupa. where you can go, but not a place you can go to. The Bogyoke Aung San Market was constructed in the 1920s and was initially called Scott Market when Myanmar was colonised by the British.

It is a large and touristic place, but it is a good place to see many of Burma’ Burma’s souvenir items from jewellery to fabrics, handcrafted goods and arts. The Sule Pagoda is not nearly as impressing as the Shwedagon Pagoda, but it' still really interesting. The Chinatown is the centre of Yangon and one of the best places in Yangon.

It is Chinatown between 18 and 24 St, where you will find the most activity and where I suggest you have a stop. It' the best place in the city to dine, wander the roads and find interesting food and one of the few places where you can have a drinks after 9pm.

The Kandawghi Park is worth a trip if you want to know what to see in Yangon. In Yangon, a very busy town overcrowded with automobiles (as motorcycles are not permitted due to police death), so to get away from it, go to Kandawgyi Park, where you can have a snack in a lakefront snack, chill out on the grassy beach or move along the promenade where natives go for walks or do sports.

You can also watch the sun set from this beautiful garden with the Shwedagon Pagoda in the foreground. Bangkok's lying Buddha is impressing at 46 meters, but Yangon's is 66 meters long. There' are many things to see in Yangon, but you also have to try something of the town.

Myanmar teahouse is a small outdoor stand with small wooden seats. That'?s how they make it in Myanmar! It is part of Myanmar's cultural life and is consumed throughout the whole morning, not in the afternoons. The teahouses are scattered all over the streets so you will have no problem figuring out where to have a cup of it.

It' made in the traditional way. It was never intended as a tourist destination, but it has become one. If you have the spare moment, I strongly suggest it, because you will see the local people doing their daily chores, seeing the country outside Yangon and the market passing by the window.

When you are looking for activities in Yangon at dusk, drive to Inya lake. It is the largest in Yangon, where you can see daytime yachting and row. The area is full of local people and very few visitors who drink and enjoy the nights.

It' an unnatural one, but it is the ideal place for a more genuine Yangon outing. It is another great place to turn away from the tourist masses, because for some occasion this place has not yet attracted the interest of most the population. In the remainder of Southeast Asia, you won't find as many colorful structures as in Yangon.

The Yangon Heritage Trust offers free guided visits through this area and the complex. View these top Yangon daily trips. View my definitive Yangon Youth Hostel Guides here. You are ready for a tour of Yangon, now that you know all the important things in Yangon.

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