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Nowadays it is easy to find ATMs in Yangon, Bagan and other areas popular with tourists. Destinations: Our honeymoon - About us - Meet the team - Financial security - Blog - Responsible Tourism asia. Myanmar Rural and Pottery Tour of Yangon. It is a unique tour connecting time in three of Myanmar's most cultural regions. They are registered with both the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism in Myanmar.

Visit the most beautiful Yangon architecture, from the Victorian to the neo-classical city.

Visit the most beautiful Yangon architecture, from the Victorian to the neo-classical styles. Not only will your travel guidebook show you the delights of this astonishing town, it will also tell you its story. I' ll take you through beautiful Yangon and tell you its story and myth. Explore the Bandoola Park, the Town Council and the Bazaar beach on my hike.

Myanmar's young tour operators - BBC News

More and more travellers have chosen to come to the Southeast Asia country since the end of almost five decade-long reign of a Burmese army jungle in Myanmar (also known as Burma) in 2011. Forty-nine years of global insularity, Myanmar's tourist industry must work fast - and tirelessly - to satisfy the wishes and needs of all new foreigners.

"The 24-year-old says, "Professionalism is something many Myanmarans have not yet developed. It is a Pali (Buddhist language) term that means "ethics". "Min first began working in the tourist industry when he got a career as a bellhop while he was a student of chemicals.

I have learnt that I need a tourism license to work. Min realized from the very first moment that it would be important for him to use the web to draw prospects from all over the globe. Worked with Myanmar's free consulting on the Myanmar website began in various online trip platforms, leading to some of his first accounts.

Today Min can go live on his cell phone, and Pro Niti has its own website. Nevertheless, Min says that he gets many of his customers through verbal propaganda and thanks to favorable ratings on travelogue pages like TripAdvisor. "Citizens are forgetting that in most cases the tourist industry is a recommendation business.

"Local cops and government agencies can't let anyone beers after 10:00. "Besides, it would mean a whole bunch of young job opportunities. Bo, a native of Mon State in southern Myanmar, had lived in Thailand for 14 years before returning home to open her restaurante.

" After all, Bo lent some of her families for her first rental, and eight month at her Green Gallery attracts a lot of expatriates and visitors, and some natives. "T too many eager to think about travel in the near term," he says. "Humans have to think about what will be happening in many years.

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