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Myanmar Yangon Time Zone

Rangoon is one of the most important cities in Myanmar. Actual local time in Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar. Timezone information for Yangon, Yangon DST details, Yangon Sunrise time and Sunset time. When I dug something, I realized that the problem seems to be that the time zone of Yangon is no longer on the list: Looks like there are four different time zones in the region.

Burma keeps its strange time zone.

From Bangkok to Yangon, you take off, take out your smartphone and set the time back to 30 mins. Burma belongs to a small group of lands that maintain uncommon greenwhich mean time outsets (Nepal is another country with a 15-minute offset). Joins-toi à l'Association des nations de l'Asie du Sud-Est ou à l'ASEAN.

Malaysia, the member state holding the presidency of ASEAN this year, had suggested synchronising the watches of all ten of the group's member states ( "including Myanmar") to eight GMTs. From the looks of things, there are four different time bands in the area. Nonetheless, the suggestion made in the past was "put on hold" on Sunday because ASEAN export secretaries met at ASEAN's 26 th session.

Much praised but little appreciated, the economic community of Asia Pacific is in the last phase of the plan to improve regional interconnectivity. Achieving the same time zone could generate commercial advantages by comparing watches with China and making it so that equity and banking exchanges operate at more consistent times, AFP said.

Malaysia's Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said to commentators at the end of the Kuala Lumpur summits that some member states "had different opinions on this issue and chose to suspend the meeting". The Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam said that some ASEAN members needed more time to think about the notion.

It looks like we won't be switching our Yangon alarms for a while.

Myanmar... high.: - National flag:

Yangon is a Myanmar town. Myanmar country is indicated on the side. These are some of the most visited places in Yangon: Yangon is geographically located using GPS to help us find it by its latitudes and longitudes.

These are the lounge Yangon coordinates: Yangon time - translations: We provide translation of the information on this page about time in Yangon in the following languages: Time zone: Time in Yangon, Myanmar: The Yangon (Burmese: ???; MLCTS: rank-unmui, pronounced[jà??ò? mjo?]; also known as Rangoon) is a former Burmese capitol and the capitol of the Yangon Division.

Even though the army rulers have moved the capitol formally to Naypyidaw[3] since March 2006, Yangon is still the biggest town in the county with four million inhabitants and the most important trading centre. Yangon's metropolitan areas are untapped in comparison to other large Asian countries. Today, Yangon has the highest number of rural houses in Southeast Asia[4] While many housing and business properties have been built or refurbished in the inner and metropolitan areas of Yangon in the last two centuries, most of the satellites in which the town is located are still destitute.

How late is it in Yangon - Information: The information about Yangon in Myanmar is intended to educate the international fellowship about the time in Yangon. Today it is very important to co-ordinate time zones and hourly differences between different towns around the globe for effective work.

In addition, this page is intended to help answers various queries about the and Yangon time and Yangon or Myanmar time. So what's the time in Yangon? So what time is it in Yangon? This is Yangon's time zone. What is the Yangon watch? What is Yangon Time?

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