Yangon Myanmar Postcode

Myanmar Yangon Zip Code

Postal codes from the townships of Yangon are required most frequently. Postcode, postcode of Myanmar. Here is the Yangon Division postal code list. This is Hlegu, Yangon (North), Yangon is located in Myanmar. The delivery times of Global Express may vary depending on the source and destination postal code.


Speed of deliveries is given for packages or documentation not subject to customs duty; the additional period for customs clearances abroad depends on the countries, the nature of the goods and whether the consignee has questions about the duties/taxes levied. For more information, please visit our customs page. The runtimes of Global Express may differ according to the source and target postal code.

For more information on shipping rates by location, please call 03448 004466. For shipments from weeks 15-17, ZE, HS, PA20-75 and PH33-50, one extra tag is required in excess of the specified shipping rates for all shipments. It is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as a legislative base.

In case of any doubts, appropriate judicial counselling should be called in. Tips and prohibitions: It' important that you review our general policy of restriction before ship.

Postal Code Finder - UPS

You can use our free postcode search to find any postcode in the UK or world. You can search up to twenty times a days; the postcode search engine also contains Google Maps for you. Use our free of charge Adress Locator to find a UK or international adress. Please login to find or verify a postcode or adress.

How come your system can't find the postcode you are looking for? Adress information is imprecise or misspelled. If the postcode you are looking for is less than 6 month old, it may not be included in the data base we use.

Updating the data base is done every 3 month, but in some cases it may take longer, this is not within our sphere of influence and UPSĀ® cannot help with this problem. Searching for zip code only applies to Great Britain and Northern Ireland. South Ireland has no zip code and other Europe does not return results on our website, although the size is similar to the UK zip code.

Once you have resolved the above possible causes, please send us an e-mail via the Contacts page on the website with the detail you want to submit, and we will do our best to find out what the problem is. If I don't have a road and/or a name?

In case your adress has no location, you can fill in further area data, e.g. the location of the village or the area. They can walk on highways, half-moons, yards, alleys, etc. instead of highways. So if you don't have any information about any of the boxes, such as the road, try to fill in as many of the other boxes as possible and our results should still show the possible postcodes/addresses you are looking for.

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