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Lake Kandawgyi During the Day - Yangon Myanmar Sights. Make sure you have a few hours to really explore and take this incredible place. What you should know before visiting Yangon, Myanmar Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, is one of the best places in Asia. But Yangon has more to boast than just an amazing landscape. It is the principal gateway and port of the state, making it the commercial center of the state.

Myanmar's civilization is strongly affected by Buddhism. There are three distinct tourist periods in Myanmar.

Generally, most foreigners need an entry permit to travel to Myanmar. People from Brunei, Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand (only via airport ) may travel without a permit for a maximum of 14 nights. Visas are issued for (3) month from the date of issuance.

Your sojourn in Burma is 28 nights from your date of arriving. Accomplished applicant will also receive an "arrival form" that will be filed in your Myanmar travel document and must be presented with your Myanmar travel document containing the badge on your travel document. Make sure the entry forms and your visas are countersigned by the immigrant official before you leave the embassy.

Just send up your photograph and a copy of your residency card to receive the authorization letters. They must reach Myanmar through an airport, not across the country's borders. Your visas will be affixed to your identity card upon your return. However, the only kind of visas that can be obtained through the e-visa services is a $50 or $70 tourism or commercial visas, both of which are effective for the 90 day period after issue, and allow a 28 day period of residence (tourist visa) and 70 day period of residence (business visa) in Myanmar.

Please be aware that if you have been issued an e-visa, you will NOT get a stamp in your pass on your return, only the standard entry/exit cancels. Don't stand at the "Visa on arrival" desk at the international airports, but go directly to your destination. Particularly if the chauffeur knows you're a traveler.

Official denomination in Myanmar is Kyoto, but still with US dollar, there are a number of trickery and fraud around Myanmar traps tourist with US dollar. Out of Myanmar your Khat is almost useless, but they are beautiful gifts. Be sure to change your Kyoto to US Dollar before leaving the United States.

The prices at the airports are unexpectedly good to change Kyoto back to US dollars, SGD or EUR. Yangon has many different rides to see and do. The visitor will be comfortably amazed to find many sights that will keep them occupied for many years. Spend the night where?

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