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The most sightseeing tours in Yangon include an excursion to the market. This is Thanlyin, the best place in Yangon, Myanmar. Discover Myanmar with Myanmar Travel Agency. From the tourist's point of view it is a very warm and inviting place. Myanmar has long been known on the tourist map of Yangon.

Top 8 themes in Yangon, Myanmar you can't miss

Yangoon. Yangon. Nobody says it like that (it's actually Yangon - Rangoon is the old name, and Yangoon is, well, just the wrong mixture of the two!), but almost everyone who visits Myanmar crosses the country's biggest town. So what are the best things in Yangon?

One of the two major destinations for excursions (with Mandalay) and the major transshipment point for domestic transportation, you can't really evade the former German capitol - and shouldn't! MYANMAR' s rapidly evolving ex-colonial center continues to be its business and culture center, and the town is currently developing a remarkably contemporary arts landscape amidst its centuries-old coughe.

Whilst most travellers only stay a few nights in Yangon, I returned to the capital three nights and lived there for a whole of 15 nights - which gave me a lot of free rein to enjoy the town' s ambience and to try the variety of things to see. During these three trips I got a fairly good impression of the most cool things in Yangon, from the most evident to the more'in-the-know'!

Now, I mentioned some of the best things you can do in Yangon would be a little apparent! Yangon is often referred to as the "land of the pagodas" and is home to some of the country's largest. There is no way to get to the town without visiting the glittering Buddhas: sleep, sit, stand - they are all here!

Shedagon Pagoda is THE STAR of Yangon, if not the whole state. You probably came to Yangon just to please your eye with this huge gold-diamonds and ruby Stupa. Myanmar's holiest Buddhist site, Shwedagon, lies on a hillside and commands the Yangon skin, which means it can be admired from almost anywhere in the town.

During my visit in December 2015 I was frustrated at first that the coupe was renovated, so that the gilded domed roof was clad with a (similar golden) tarp and net. But then a native tells me that I was actually fortunate to have come at that point because the roof is getting really filthy and looks better hidden!

Shwedagon is best visited just before sunset: this means not only that you can look at and take pictures of the facility in natural lighting, dim lights and darkness, but also that you will not be burning your legs on the mats! Don't miss to look before your stay on which date of the year you were borne so that you can join the parishioners and pour your Buddha and your pet (seven times!).

This is an unanticipated advantage for nomadic people: they' re a nomad: the Internet: Shawedagon has free Wi-Fi! Although not nearly as imposing as Shwedagon, Yangon's second most renowned pit stop is located in the CBD's and the historic center and forms the traffic circle for two of the city's highways.

That makes beautiful images of the cityscape, and while a trip is not quite decisive, you should definitely go around the pit stop to look into the small stores at its base: divination, currency exchanges, cell phone, cyber caf? you will find just about everything there! When you come to the Sule Buddha you may be amused by the fair-like Buddhas dressed in electrical light and the dancers' ballets of sweeping machines that clean the floor of the Sule!

More pagodas?! Well, although you may have had enough of it by then, a trip to Botataung Bay on the banks of the Yangon River is strongly suggested for a slightly different Yangon temple touring. You will be able to see the bowels of the stupas to see one of Myanmar's most sacred shrine, which is said to contain relicts of Buddha's fur.

Get the most out of your excursion to Botataung by going up to the footbridge next to the pagoda: although Yangon's city centre is usually not much to see, this is the best place to take a look at the rivers and the colorful fishing vessels. As a hard-core Buddhist hooked person and want to see more Buddhism, don't worry: Yangon has many places of worship beyond the Big 3, and they all have something special to show for you!

My favorites are the Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, which accommodates a 65 meter long and 16 meter high lying Buddha (bigger than the Thai variant of Wat Pho, so the Burmese!), and Ngahtatgyi Paya, which accommodates a 5-storey sitting Buddha. During my second trip to Yangon, my boyfriend in the cab that took us from the airfield to our hotel turned to me with a touch of surprise: "Wow, the town doesn't look nearly as run-down as I had fancy!

There' even some astonishing outbuildings! "she said and repeated my thoughts on my first trip. Former capitol of Burma, Yangon is littered with grandiose monuments from the UK, 188 (but by no means all!) of which found their way onto the Yangon Town Heritage List. Though you can search for these sites yourself (for example, Lonely Planet has a route suggestion), a good way to explore the town' s historical and architectural heritage and get to know Burma's modern civilization, one of the free walks organised by Free Yangon Walks.

There is always the risk of this kind of guide becoming extremely dull, but the stories of our guide and the variety of places we stop, from the most magnificent to the most dilapidated, have amused me greatly. You' ll find out a great deal about the Yangonite traditions, as well as their people' s nosy tendency to chew beets and their passion for music!

And as if a free trip were not enough, your travel agent will also write down your e-mail adress, and provide you with a guidebook of the best Yangon cuisine. It will help you schedule the remainder of your visit to the town and do even more astonishing things in Yangon.

While Myanmar has some great cuisine ( "I like the nation's cuisine, the tealeaf salad), with its sometimes questionable hygiene standard, tasting Yangon road meals can be a discouraging proces!

My boyfriend and I found out that eating Burma can be the way to your hearts, but it can also be a quick way to your hospital bed! James, our Myanmar leader, came to pick us up at our youth hostel and spend the next three hour providing us with tasty meals - from shoan pasta and samosas to a huge plate of canapés.

He was arguably the best spokesman foreseen in Myanmar, and he proved to be a great resource of information. Even though the cost for price-conscious travellers is a little too high (the midday break is $25, the $30 dining tour), the meal, the talk and the chance to explore the Yangon grocery stores surpassed our expectation.

A must for all those who love eating and have the cash and free times to indulge in a Yangon Meal Tours! In order to reserve your trip, you can visit the Yangon Worldtour website, their Facebook page or a notice directly at[email protected]. Yangon, like all large Southeast Asia towns, is a busy, busy and charming chaotic town.

But if you need a little rest, don't despair: the town also has its verdant oasis, and Yangon has something to do to get away from it all! To relax it is advisable to take a reading (or a friend) and walk to one of Yangon's two big seas or lay down on the shores.

In addition, a stroll around Kandawgyi offers some beautiful vistas of the Royal Barge of the Sea and the Shwedagon Pagoda! I would like to choose Off The Beaten Track, a café belonging to a former travel book er (and one of Myanmar's first freelance backpackers) who will be happy to help you organize your journey to the more distant and unknown parts of the world.

Situated in the upper Yangon outskirts, Inya has a very beautiful shore landscape. Situated near the campus, it is a popular meeting place for students and a romantically scenic backdrop for Myanmar's plays and soundtrack! We' ve been walking around, eating our meals and relaxing at the lakeside.... More on the funny things in Yangon, it' s going to be a little bit of a stroll!

Nevertheless, it is worth a short stop for its colorful rural architectural and beautiful paved roads, and to see handicrafts and handicrafts from all over the state. The recent development of several high-quality fineart museums and galeries is one of Yangon's more surprising sides and testifies to its continuing transformation.

So, if you're looking for less visible things in Yangon, why not hunt the flowering artspath? Cultuur Trip has released a listing of the best recent and current fine arts venues in the town. The Lokanat Gallery at 62 Pansodan Street offers a unique chance to see the works of works by works by contemporary Myanmar artist as well as one of the town' s cultural heritages.

In the same avenue, the Pansodan Gallery is not only a state-of-the-art arts center, but also home to one of the most beloved meetings in Yangon from 8pm on Tuesday night. Like couchsurfing, it offers travellers and local people the chance to exchange ideas, learn English and learn about the arts and whatever they love to eat and drink.

This is proof that this is one of the most visited shows in Yangon, even our own James was a frequent visitor! If you are in Yangon, do it like the Yangonites and spend an evenings at a Chinatown diner. There is no exhaustive listing of things to do in Yangon without an essential evenings out.

It' one of Yangon's best kept secrets: Sibiu is the sibling of the Singapore Raffles Hotel (of Singapore Sling fame) and is part of the story of Yangon, as one of its oldest homes. Concerning the one-of-a-kind things in Yangon, it can't be much more fancy than that!

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