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As in many Yangon inner cities, there is a tree growth in the sky. Much of the central part of the town was once splendid, as it should have been for a brief time in the 1930' s for the most busy harbour in the run. Above all, they want to rescue her before a flood of modernization blows her away.

A number of different itineraries are available throughout the days, but each of them makes the town seem like a lively one. It' a captivating trip, but the footsteps she takes are threatened. However, the long-term depletion of Yangon's legacy would put it in a different kind of pover.

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5 May 1930 - the last Yangon rock.

In 1932, when Coggin Brown documented the famous maritime past of then British Indian colonialism, he made a 50-page memo about the most deadly quake in contemporary Myanmar. His description of the damages was caused by an 7.3 strength quake that occurred on the night of May 5, 1930, about 75 kilometers from Yangon - the biggest ever hit so bad.

"many died," he writes. It is a gloomy image and one of the few historic notes of the Bago Shaking. During the collapses, Mr Braun recorded the secretariat, the General Post Office, the Burma Railway headquarters and even the Shwedagon Pagoda, where the jewel of Hungary came loose and danced from its apex.

"Several of the houses were so rugged that they were no longer habitable," Brown commented. Not only were they building - his account also states that up to one meter crevices were formed near Thongwa, extending almost 70 meters from North to South and sending out sandy and wet waters for three inches.

Bob Yeats, writer and lecturer in earthquakes at Oregon State University, sees this as an important indication of the region's greatest town. Yeats dedicates an entire section to the land in his volume Erdequake Times Bombs and finds that the Bago tremor took place at a period when Yangon was still relatively small - according to historic estimations only 200,000 to 400,000 population.

Luckily for us, who live in "The Garden City of the East", it takes a long while for such shocks to unfold. It is important to realize what actually happens when errorelines break, says Max Wyss, Executive Vice President of the World Agency for Planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Risk. According to his estimates, the chance of another quake near Yangon is about 1 hour in a year.

In addition, he predicts a repeat interval of 200-300 years for the part of the Sagaing Fault that was broken in 1930, indicating that there is still enough of it before it is broken again. Brown wrote in his 1930 Bago quake note that it "happened with horrific abruptness".

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