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Myanmar Yangon Nightlife

World-class nightlife in Yangon (Rangoon): View reviews and photos of nightlife attractions in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar on TripAdvisor. In Yangon, early curfews and blackouts are a thing of the past. Explore the best nightlife in Yangon with Blind Tiger, Rough Cut and Penthouse. Yangon's hotels are on the expensive side and most places in Myanmar.

Food, drink and nightlife in Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon's cultural diversity means that a wide range of culinary delights are available - from Myanmar's local kitchens, which include the beloved Bamar and Shan meals, to the staple foods of Chinese, Thai, Hindi and West cooking. Yangon's nightlife, after years of slackness, begins to unfold. You will find below an outline of the best Yangon tea houses and places to eat (for different budgets), as well as some information about the Yangon nightclub and pub.

For more information about dining, dinning, drinking and pubs throughout Myanmar, go to Activities. Chinatown, around 19 Street and Mahabandoola Road, has excellent places to find places that sell Asian cuisine.

The Shwe Bon Tha Street and its surroundings in Little India are home to several hundred merchants who sell a variety of delicious Chapatti, Samosa and other local cuisine. You will find below a choice of the best places to eat in Yangon. The Anya Ahta is a characteristic restaurant/beer house that serves high standard local and foreign cuisine.

Anawrahta Road (in the city centre, near the Sule Pagoda). The 999 Shan is a small sidewalk café with supportive personnel and delicious, reasonably priced meals, which include Shan noodles, rices and toofu. B 130 B34th Street, between Se Pin St and Anawrahta Road (city centre, near the Sule Pagoda). ngyin Nwe South Indian Food Center has a very kind English language management and an outstanding brainsurry.

They will replenish your meal at no additional charge for those who have a normal diet. Located on the edge of Anawrahta and Bo Sun Pat (downtown). Myanmar Lotus will not be winning any stylistic prizes, but offers a delicious and very reasonably prized selection of tradional cuisine. Located at the corners of Mahabandoola and 42nd (downtown).

The Nepalese grocery store is a basic inner city veggie place offering a wide selection of Nepalese and regional cuisine ( "For more information on Myanmar veggie cuisine, go out and eat"). Situation: 29th road (lower bloc, eastern side). FRIENDSPAY has a good selection of basic Asiatic cuisine and a nice mixture of expatriates and natives in its (sometimes noisy) position on the side of the road, outside the city centre in the south.

This is K2500 from the city centre. Link Age is an inner-city dining and arts centre that works as a socially responsible company. Dining is tasty (Burmese, Mandarin and American cuisine), it is inexpensive, and the employees are kind - but be ready for sluggish waitress. The Nourish Cafe is an almost entirely vegetarian place offering mainly West oriental meals and appetizers with a strong focus on healthful nutrition; part of the Yangon Yoga House (next door).

The restaurant offers a number of Myanmar and foreign cuisine. Located at 290 U Wisara Road, Kamaryut Township; K2,500 cab from the city centre. Myanmar is a favourite and evocative place (and part of a series of' Feel' restaurants) that offers a large selection of Myanmar's regional cuisine, among them curry, vegetables and soups served on a bar for simple display and ordering!

A large selection of pasta is available at a conveniently situated near Lake Inya. The Monsoon is a classy place in a cityhouse serving a wide range of delicious meals from all over Southeast Asia, among them specialties from Myanmar - as well as from the West.

Locations: 85-87 Thein Byu Rd, right on Strand Rd between 43th and 43th Street at the east end of the city. Situated at the western end of the city centre, this large dining room has a large hexagonal structure with common ground floor seats and upper floor living rooms.

169, War Dan Street, Lanmadaw Township; K1,500 cab from the city center. It is also a French -based socially responsible company that offers young, disadvantaged Myanmarans gastronomic and professional schooling. The Seeds Restaurant & Lounge is a classy new place on Lake Inya, with a large outside area that has been influenced by Bali style.

Led by a Michelin celebrity from Switzerland, it features a large selection of modern cuisine, combining traditional oriental and international cuisine. L'Opera is an upscale Italy based hotel with a wonderful location on the east shore of Lake Inya, serving a variety of top class West cuisine. A different kind of place, Pyongyang Koreo belongs to the DPRK and provides an insight into the hermit kingdom with a captivating mixture of low bows, vocal lyrics and flower arrangements (the meal is overspriced and average).

A-5 Saya San Road, Bahan Township. K2,500 cab from the city centre. The Lucky Seven is a relaxing and genuine place; a great place to go out and taste Myanmar's favorite food, Mahinga. The Lucky Seven is a string of tea houses; the most convenient is at the eastern end of the city centre.

49/th St (middle block). The Thone Pan Hla is another example of the traditional Myanmar cuisine. Mahabandoola Road, in the city centre, just south of Sule Pagoda. Yangon Teatehouse is a characteristic and classy version of the classical Myanmar Teatehouse, with an elaborate selection of Myanmar coffees and a fabulous, varied curry and regional cuisine.

A77 Pansodan Rd, (Lower block, just off Merchant Street on the westside). It is a luxurious place in a wonderfully renovated old mansion, which includes teahalls as well as a restauarant and offers traditional and oriental dishes. Saya San Road; K2.500 Taxicab from the city center.

As Myanmar changes, the nightlife in Yangon is booming. 19. avenue ( "Chinatown", just westwards from the city centre) not only serves a wide variety of dishes, but is also a colorful and evocative place to find cheap beer and cocktail bars and enjoy the Yangon atmoshper.

In the central part of the 19. road there are many busy brewery stops; the most foreigner-oriented is Kosan (108, 19. road), but you can have a busy period wherever you are. Sanchaung St., northwest of the city centre (K2,500 cab from the city centre) is a similarly bustling but less touristic area.

In the east part of the road there are a number of large breweries, the most beloved of which is Win Star; for a later closure, try Terminal 5 as well. There is Thiri Mingalar Market on Bayint Naung Road in Hlaing Township, 3500 K cab from the city centre.

The Yangon has a growing range of upscale choices, and you can find a listing of the best ones below. The most high-end Yangon hotel also has a night club that is open till nightfall; the beach club at the famed old Strand Hotel is the best known.

This penthouse is a classy roof terrace with interior dining and outside lounges. Large selection of Mediterranean and cocktail inspired dishes, overlooking the Shwedagon Pagoda and Yangon. Located at 271-273 Bagaya Street, Parkside One Buildings, Sanchaung Municipality, on the eighth level. K3,000 cab from the city centre. The Union Bars and Grill is the nearest city centre with an upscale west facing bar/restaurant, good dining and a large selection of beverages.

Botahtaung municipality (downtown). Yangon's oldest meeting place for expats is the Fiftyth Street Bar. Where to find us: 9-13, 1950th Street (eastern downtown). Envoy offers an attractive environment in the city centre. 108, Bo Aung Kyaw Street (downtown, near the Merchant Street corner). The Vista Bar is a comfortable, mostly open roof terrace with the best view of the Shwedagon in Yangon.

Plain beer, blender and aliment. 7. common of a japanese ex-pat, this is Yangon's first and only registrgae club! Vibrant ambience, often with livemusic and one of the few squares in the city centre that are open until night. A good selection of meals and beverages. And if you are looking for something else, there are frequent Saturday sunsets on the Yangon River during the drying period, departing from Botahtaung or Wardan Steg (monthly Saturdays, see Saturday lists ) and on occasion Friday and Saturday DJ evenings at the Institut Francais.

Yangon's nightclubbing community is quite confined, and tickets and beverages can be expensive. But it' s a lot of pleasure - although men travelers should be conscious that many native girls can be "ladies of the night" in these places! These are some of the club nightlife choices, all of which are a cab trip to the northern part of downtown:

Vibe is perhaps the most foreigner-oriented night club in Yangon. Situated to the northern side of Lake Inya. K3500 Kanyeikthar Road; K3500 cab from the city centre. Occasionally MBbox has DJ evenings on the weekend, which are mainly aimed at foreign audiences; there are also rooms for karaoke. The Yangon International Hotel is the venue for both events.

Ahlone Road 330; K 2000 cab from the city centre. K3500 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road; K3500 cab from the city center.

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