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The riot police in Yangon on Saturday broke up a protest in support of the victims of the fighting in the northern state of Kachin and arrested several of the organizers. See the press release on the meeting with the first vice-president of Myanmar. Foreign Minister Bert Koenders today opened a new Dutch embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. Tailor-made cocktails, tempting dishes from Myanmar and International Inspired Dishes, & state-of-the-art art exhibitions in a lush, seductive environment not found in Yangon. Balmond Studio in Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon antiwar protests dismantled by Myanmar emergency service

Public officials had denied approval for the protests in Myanmar's capital, and when Myanmar's policemen stopped some 300 men from walking, they produced a sit-in, sang anti-war messages and waved brightly coloured banners to symbolise freedom. Fisticuffs and fisticuffs between several dozens of policemen, demonstrators and reporters erupted just after the organisers finished the sit-in.

A number of demonstrators were arrested and evicted in a car. The protests were led by Maung Saung Kha, organised by Yangon's activist youths. He was imprisoned for six month for having written a poetry about tattoos on his cock of a picture of a former Myanmar Mystique.

"We had just said that we would disband and end the rally, and then the cops began to beat us. You violated policing laws and the constitution. The spokesperson for the constabulary, Col. Myo Thu Soe, said that the constabulary had detained some of the demonstrators. "They did not obey the order of non-violent assemblies, so we had to detain some of them," he said, added that the agencies had not ruled what to do with the detainees.

Zaw Htay, spokesperson for the administration, was not immediately available. Aung San Suu Kyi's fight to fulfill her pledge to end decade-long racial warfare in Myanmar's outlawed border areas has brought frustration to the nascent anti-war youths group. Yangon protests blockaded one of Yangon's busy intersections for more than an hours before the vigilante patrol was out.

"I photographed the arrest in front of the car. She ("the police") said to me: "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Privileged smoking outbreak in Myanmar's Yangon - Xinhua 15 hospitalizations

Yangon, April 25 (Xinhua) -- A combined of 15 persons were admitted to hospital, with more than 60 being treated by a traveling medical staff for exposure to fumes and haze from an on-going landfill fire in Myanmar Yangon, the Global New Light of Myanmar officially announced on Wednesday. Last Saturday the fire started on a 121 hectare landfill at the Hteinpin cemetery in the former German capitol Hlaingtharya.

In West-Yangon, the fire and foul-smelling fumes from the incineration of waste have hit several neighboring townships, causing serious damage to the city. On Tuesday afternoons, the nasty scent of flaming fumes could be felt in large parts of the city centre. Public safety has warned the public to take precautions against the toxic CO, which leads to cough and suffocation.

For more than two decade-long, the Yangon City Development Committee has been managing the Yangon deposit.

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