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The riot police in Yangon on Saturday broke up a protest in support of the victims of the fighting in the northern state of Kachin and arrested several of the organizers. Israeli Embassy in Yangon. US Starbucks opens its first outlet in Yangon, Myanmar. Sharing - Tweeting - Sharing - Yangon-Myanmar. Following these events, the protests began to spread throughout Myanmar, including Yangon (also known as Rangoon), Sittwe, Pakokku and Mandalay.


Burma is not doing enough to combat white slave trade, according to a US State Department survey that has lowered its rankings to the lowest level. About the yearly trade in humans..... Free Rohingya Coalition (FRC) has approved the text of..... In their recently issued police reports, the detectives of a serious "business error" last year said that aviation.....

The humming (pun intended) around the reopened Marco's Cellar a few month ago - the Yangon Wines Bars, the..... An otherwise luxuriant verdant countryside, once home to a dozen of dead gum plants, is cut through by a dark bay wound....... Better yet - restaurants that offer a full menu of brunches all days, for those who enjoy savouring pans, wafers, toasts and.....

From Yangon the look

Talk to those on the streets about what is going on in Rakhine and you will not be able to listen to the world. Considered "Bengalis", the group reflects the general view that the members of the Rohingya group are foreign nationals - Bangladeshi migrants with a different cultural and linguistic background. That which many in the world regard as a question of international humanitarian law is considered a matter of international humanitarian law in Myanmar, and there is broad backing for defence in North Rakhine.

"of the Bengali terrorist extremists' plan to invade large cities." Another, on the Eleven News website, is similar: "Arsa Bengali terrorist extremists are attacking Maungdaw Township police. It is reported that it is militants who, unlike the military, burn down towns and it is not mentioned that many Rohingya refugees flee to Bangladesh.

Deceptive or counterfeit news and pictures on soft copy have only been used to cause further divisions. Hostility towards the Rohingya is nothing new in Myanmar, but is based on a long-standing bias against the Myanmar minorities, who are not regarded as Myanmarers. Nationalistic groups have promoted the concept that Rohingya Muslims pose a menace, as Moslem men can have four women and many orphans.

There are many in Rakhine who are afraid that one of these people will one of these days take over their country as their populations grow. "Many Bengali Muslims have died," said a cabbie.

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