Yangon Myanmar Map

Myanmar Yangon Map

Galleries of Yangon (Rangoon), Mandalay, Bagan and Ngapali Beach in Myanmar (Burma) Yangon map, Yangon topography, Yangon Heights, Yangon relief, Myanmar (Burma), Yangon region, Yangon, place. World cruise interactive map of Burma, Myanmar map. The Loft Hotel in Yangon, Yangon and Around, Myanmar together with other Experience Travel Hotels. Discover our city map of Yangon hostels in Myanmar to find a hostel in a location that suits you. Formerly the colonial capital of the British Empire, Yangon is a city that represents the old, the old and the new.

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Prelude to Yangon, Myanmar

It' the sound of traffic jams and streets without regulations. There is a flood of open lorries chugging past humans, young and old, men and ladies, infants and orphans. It' s China again. There is a line of men queuing at a stop and only now do I realize that the lady who had my visas marked on her cheek with amber.

It' not just a crème she has forgotten to use. I' m passing a woman of the same lemony colour that covers her cheek and sometimes her nostrils and brow. It' Thanaka' is made from the forest of several different saplings. It is seen as a declaration of aesthetics, but also as a protective measure against solar burn.

Well, if Myanmar girls are special, I think they are. With all the cars and humans, there are far more saplings than I could have dreamt of, so the scenery looks like a blend of the tropics and post-colonial dostopia. It is a battle field of contrast; giant golden coupons sitting side by side with colorful colored houses, which must have once been just as impressive, but are now peeled and piled up in a gray and blackened stain and care.

It' like nothing I've seen before. None of this, and I haven't even got out of a cab from Yangon International Airport to my room yet.

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