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Burma is a country of significant and rapid change. Yangon and Rakhine State. In regional terms, Myanmar has developed into the largest migration country in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). The daily life in Yangon is pretty much like a time capsule. First ATMs for foreigners have only been in the country for about a month.

Program Assistant, Yangon, Myanmar Office, G

THIS SITE IS OPEN TO MYANMAR CITIZENS ONLY. Summary: Yangon Department of Emergency Aid. The Shan and Kayin states with added technological assistance to other areas in the southeast, Kayah and Mon states. Supporting the UKGV and human aid workers requires significant results in the field of human rights work and the Women and Girls First Initiative.

Administration Assistant (Travel), Yangon, Myanmar Country Office, G

Summary of positions: The Admin Associate Travels function is part of the Operations Unit of the Country Offices (CO) under the overall management of IOM and directly reporting to the Operations Analyst (NOB). Administrative Associate for Travels supports the Operations Unit in the acquisition of various business units' business and logistic activities.

Qualifications and experience: Degree in business studies or public services and all other related fields preferable. Know-How and Experience: - At least seven years of work placement in administrative and/or finance and business services with at least five years travelling and business intelligence with a special focus on travelling information services; - Very good understanding of UN travelling policy and procedures and human resources regulations is required; - Experiences in customising and implementing general guidelines for particular cases; - Familiarity with the latest business and IT tools.

Myanmar DCA and NCA

Burma/Myanmar is at a crossroads since the National League for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's National Democracy Leader won a landmark vote and became the first ever free democratically elected regime in many years. Bad management, a restricted constitutional state, decade-long conflicts and years of global segregation have resulted in severe economic and social hardship.

Burma/Myanmar continues to be one of the impoverished Asian nations and faces many development policy challenge, not least in terms of poverty, conflicts and an integrative social group. We are working to conserve life in Myanmar through human actions, building stronger and more robust societies and combating inequalities.

Our aim in all our actions is to achieve the goals of sustainable growth and to ensure that no one is lagging behind in Myanmar's domestic and international community develop.

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