Yangon Myanmar Beaches

Myanmar Yangon Beaches

It is Myanmar's beach that you can reach if you really want to get away from it all. Ngapali is the first beach that tourists often hear about in Myanmar: the beautiful white sand, turquoise waters and luxurious hotels. The beaches are not the first thing you think of when you think of Myanmar. By the way, the nearest beach to Yangon (and the easiest to reach) is Chaung Tha. Bus or flight from Yangon.

1. Egapali

Much of Myanmar's beaches are untouched and unexplored, recalling Thailand's beaches 20 years ago best along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. The beaches are facing westward and guarantee great sundowns. British Stephen Barker first came to Myanmar in 1995 and has since made more than 10 journeys, usually several consecutive sittings.

"Since shelter is so costly thesedays I think we'll see more crowds camp on the beach," says Barker, who has made it his business to discover all the beaches of the state. Four of Myanmar's best beaches can be visited here: In Ngapali -- a long distance of untouched sands.

It is a beautiful seven kilometres of fine sandy beaches lined with palms. A 45-minute 45-minute fly from Yangon makes this one of Myanmar's most visited beaches. As soon as the news gets out, Myanmar's sundowns - like this Ngapali sunset wonder.

The Rakhine Yoma mountain trail has been taboo in the state recently due to difficulties. Since it' a bit isolated, this is a place to come for a few nights and drop into beachside mod. Accomodation ranges from small chalets to mansions and there are many refreshing sea food outlets.

Its name is derived from the town of Naples in Italy - a lovesick Italians gave it its name, according to the history. Tourism is a well established tourism sector and there is a lot to do, from marine activities - snorkelling, dives, kayak - to biking and gulf. "It' definitely not the place for backpackers," says Barker.

" Ngwe Saung -- seriously relaxed. Just past Ngapali and Yangon, the resort has reached this coastal area just over a century ago. It is as clear as the ocean in Ngapali, but the area is not so evolved that it is a seriously relaxed place and a great place not to do anything after the exploration of the area.

The Ngwe Saung Beach on the coast of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. From Yangon there are 35 -minute drive - but it's just as simple to take the six-hour drive. To enjoy the voyage, you can take a 16-hour ship from Yangon to Pathein.

If you are tired of being on the shore, there is snorkelling and dives and an islet at the end of the shore where you can go out at low water. If you want to discover the 15 km long sandy beaches and drive on the tough sandy stretches, you can rent a motorcycle.

Shellfish here are amazing - lobsters, shrimps, crabs, pelagic - and if you're on the shore early in the day, you'll probably see fishers come with their flock. The Southeast Asian Games will be hosted by Myanmar in December 2013 - the Ngwe Saung Playa will be the venue for sea volley ball and sailings.

"Barker says I was there at the beginning of the year. "Situated between $15 and $400 per day, some with very beautiful swimming pool, but you don't need them because the ocean is great. It is a back packer favourite and is $25 per overnight for a two-person chalet on the shore.

" Buddha chaplains gather charity in Chuang Tha, about 240 kilometres western of Yangon. Near Yangon, this is a favourite place for middle-class people. It is not as nice as the beaches of Ngapali or Ngwe Saung - the sands are not as sandy and the beaches are a mess of hotel - but it is very much loved, especially on workdays.

"Here's where you go if you want to see the Burmese playing," says Barker. "with a lot of inflatables. They say the beaches just south of Chuang Tha are more beautiful. "This is the Myanmar coast that you can reach if you really want to get away from it all.

The Kanthaya is unspoilt and unexplored. There' are no seaside activities and stores, and that's the main draw. It is flat and 4. In contrast to the 100 kilometres northern Ngapali beaches, the sands here are gold and pebbly. Myanmar beachwear is denim and a T-shirt - on the desert and at the seaside.

Most importantly, Myanmar's beaches are closed during the rainy month of May to October. It is a great place for the water festival in April. Myanmar's beachwear standards are denim and a T-shirt - on the sandy beaches and in the seas.

Burma also has the capacity to become a surfing location.

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