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The use of motorcycles in Yangon is illegal (some locals get a special permit). Inexpensive motorcycle rental in Yangon. Locate the best offers for motorcycle rental in Yangon. The use of motorcycles in Yangon is illegal (some locals get a special permit). Hello, I wanted to see if anyone rented a motorcycle for a week plus in Mandalay or Yangon.

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you really ask a s.......?? and since you have done so much research, you know that motorcycles are prohibited in Yangon. I' ve got a lot of information about biking in Myanmar, but not as sure how I should react to this topic.............. On 26 December this year I plan to go to Myanmar, buy a motorcycle and ride around for three wholeweek.

Do you know of any other limitations? Can it be possible/reasonably simple (legal or not) to buy a bicycle as a non-national? Well any hindrance would be welcome, the idea is admissible in it's precise aboriginal dramaturgy! given that not allow to journey her into Bagan (other object where organism recently rides one into Bagan and relative quantity happened) and not into Inle.

Indeed it is possible to lease them, also possible to buy one......... completely legally, to buy one, to lease one and go many many many places. Two boys took her to Yangon and ridden all the way to Kwathoung and sell her. two years ago i hired a motorcycle in pyin o iwin from my hotels, no big deal. i said i have owned motorcycles in thai for 20 years, he observed me for 20 seconds, made a round, and that was great. then i went to the falls. but i rather take a motorcycle taxicab or a coach, because i like to stop at places for a drink or a ride.

Hello, In one weeks time I will be arriving in Yangon by airplane and want to continue by motorbike to Hpa-an and two day later back to Yangon. Obviously it is not possible to hire a motorcycle in Yangon. Where is the next option to hire one for several nights?

Well, I think it's possible to take the coach to Bago, where I can hire one.

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