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jangon money

What does it cost to go to Yangon? The content includes money, finances and currencies for people moving to Yangon. Currency exchange at Yangon Airport. Yangon and major cities in Myanmar. Euro-Dollar and Singapore-Dollar are also acceptable for money changers.

Exchange money now at Yangon International Airports - Myanmar Forum

I just want to say that I also saw the KBZ banks change money at Heho International Heho Inle Lake City. You will be accepting dollars, euros and Singapore dollars. U.S. 1: 830 kyats, Euro 1 1050 kyats, sine? Seven hundred and sixty fifty, twenty, ten, five, one dollars. 980 euros for all invoices. dolcevita42: For the show I would like to link you to www.legalnomads.???.

A traveler accounts are very useful on money hints n gimmicks etc. However, as a rule, try not to have invoices older than 2003. However, there are a few exemptions, the hotel accepts my 1999 invoices without any problems, so if you have some of them lying around, please do. I also exchanged money in an exchange bureau in Yangon.

It was 10 kyat lower than on the illegal trade, but you don't get the trouble and fraud in it. So, you might have to go to two of them to get all your money. The smallest misprint (blame is the treasury) in the money can make your money useless.

Two of the four stands seem to have a penchant for euros, the other two for dollars.

jangon money

Which is the country's standard of living? Pythagoras is the indigenous money. 10000, 5000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 Kie. Which is the best way to change money? There' money change in the city. They have to be paid in Kyoto, but are accepting restricted hotel, restaurant and business in US dollars or plastic-card.

Can I use my debit cardholder in the city? The use of payment cardholders is very restricted outside the hotel. You' ll need your visa and the currency declarations document that you filled out at the airfield and registered properly with COustoms. We do not generally accept payment by bank transfer, bank transfer or cheque.

Any other financial information that might help me? With regard to the Kyoto, it is useful to know that the government's currency parity is about six Kyats to the US dollars, while the open markets parity is about 1000 Kyats to the US dollars. There is no variation in the governance rates (in fact, they are never used), but the open markets rates differ widely.

If you have any queries or require further information, please consult your Crown agent.

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