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in Yangon, Myanmar. PDF Ebook cards below: Books & Map Icons, Price Guide Picture. city of Yangon, capacity building for the planned urban redevelopment. Skyscraper is a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) map from Yangon.

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We have a map of Yangon (Myanmar) showing 10,411 km of roads and itineraries. When you wanted to go them all, provided you were walking four kilometres per hr, eight lessons per day, it would take you 325 working nights. And if you need to get home, there are 110 buses, trams, metro and train in Yangon.

Covering a surface area of 34.8 km2, Yangon's 15,362 km2 of land consists of 0.2% of Yangon's population. This means that each of Yangon's 4,477,638 inhabitants has an avarage of 7.8 sqm. Yangon has more than 266 cafes, eateries, pubs, bars, icecream parlours, beergardens, movie theaters, night clubs and more.

It also has more than 51 sites and memorials and far more than 182 shops.

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That' gonna be at the top of everyone's menue in Yangon. You can see the picture from far away, because it stands on a mound. It is still one of the most important Buddhist places in the whole wide globe, but it is part of today's Yangon lifestyle.

It' open from early in the mornings till later in the evenings, and the Buddhist go to the cloakroom. She is very high and has a golden wreath. There are 5,448 jewels, 2,317 jewels on the top of the crest and a 76 carats on the top. Altogether there are almost 80,000 gems and 3,154 golden gems.

It is a lively, practising place, so the practitioner should know some of the principles of attending a buddhistic shrine in Myanmar: Go around the pagoda which starts from the lefthand side and goes to the right in a counterclockwise fashion. That is true for all Buddhistic places.

Look at how the locals are sitting and copy them. Buddhists who come here worship and may not want to be the center of a photograph.

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