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New Yangon Map Pdf

"Collection and analysis of ICT statistics" (PDF). An excursion to downtown Yangon takes you back to colonial times. Yangon city land plan is essential for zoning. Downtown Area maps in Yangon, Myanmar. Get the cheapest air tickets from Yangon RGN to Prado PDF.

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Though not part of the town of Yangon, the Township is partly urbanised. Besides farm work, the primary source of work is industrial labour, temps, civil service and work in various small and medium-sized enterprises.

Hmawbi Vownship und Shwepyitha Vownship im Osten ; Hlaingthaya Vownship im Südosten ; Nyaungdon Vownship und Danubyu Vownship of Ayeyarwady Region, im Westen. Improving power for Yangon's industrial sector. The Myanmar Times. Myanmar/Divisions and Townships Overview Map" (PDF).

Yangon: The Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU).

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