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You can download the map in full size - create your own map. Geo-map of the Yangon area from the publication: Simply find any bus stop on the map. Yangon Sule Square and venues around Yangon. Dataformat - Mentum Planet (MapInfo).

You can download this useful map of the Bagan Floats affected by the quake.

After last week's quake near the touristic town of Bagan, many palagodas were severely destroyed, so many people wonder how many of the old memorials are actually there. A very useful map has been issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Hotel Industry, showing in detail which pages are open to businesses - and to what extensiv.

A high-resolution download can be found here. Several of the most visited destinations are still fully open. Ananda, That Byin Nyu and Svezigone are all highlighted with verdant dots, which means that there has been no interruption. However, many others are indicated with either open in some cases or with a solid color.

There are also some alerts for visitors: do not go into enclosed areas, do not harass the service personnel and please do not rob parts of Bagan to indicate the number.

City Illustrator map fully editable layers

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With this new application, you can see how to use Yangon like a native

If you are travelling, what do you have? iDiscover is a range of apps and cards that provide genuine travelling experience in historical Asia-towns. Get a map, download the Yangon versions of the application, select from a wide range of hiking trails designed by local people who shared your love of adventures, and off you go!

As you leave, preserve the Yangon identity by helping Yangon's heritage as the home of the city. Beautiful finds were Anya Ahta, an original restaurant run by Pansodan Galleries native Aung Soe Min, who serves mid-Myanmar cuisine; and Bagan Books, an old-fashioned bookstore with a stunning selection of Myanmar books.

However, the true high points were in Yangon's lesser-known Chinatown and Native American neighborhoods. Then our stroll meandered through peaceful alleys, looked into old townhouses and colourful churches and ended at the landing stage, the pulsating waterfront of Yangon. We became part of Myanmar's multi-cultural legacy in the area.

Hey, you are burning a ton of cholesterol when you walk! We' ve found that with this app you will not only find out where you can dine, but also the ingredients in the classic recipes. Yet, isn't it true that you lose yourself what travelling is all about? iYangon's cards are also available in paper format, each colorful and one-of-a-kind item was created by a native musician.

You can download the iDiscover Yangon and get going! You can download iDiscover on your iPhone and Android and discover it!

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