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The Yangon Map Offline is a free software from the PIMS & Calendars subcategory, part of the Business Category. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Yangon Offline Map Travel Guide. What is the best way to find the real authentic Yangon? Purchase a complete set online and download the free app. .

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Yangon Offline Map travel guide on the App Store

Are you traveling through Yangon City? The Yangon CityGuide has been developed so that it can be used off-line when you are in town, so you can reduce your costly calling plans. The zooming-into-map ?Fully contains point of interest on them along with an animated guidebook. www.com You can check your location on the off-line map and poi's around you.

The website Packed with all attractions, monuments, sights, activities, beach information and maps with your location so you can see them on our off-line map and get itineraries. The hotel offers all available hotel information together with the available conveniences, prices, ratings and telephone numbers for off-line use.

Everything you can look for and display on the map from our application, and you can get route information from your present whereabouts. Shows a listing of available clinics, atm sites, petrol station, banks, restaurants, pizzerias, drugstores and more along with their available telephone numbers according to your position on your computer.

With this information we provide information about Yangon City such as safety measures, travel, facts. www.com user-friendly gallery makes you curious about them, you can zooming in on them, you can add thumbs to them.

Yangon travel guide with offline city map in the App Store

  • CEASE: STOP WORKING AS BOOKKEEPER!!!!! - Interactive Points of Interest on cards with buses, bars, restaurants, bars, banks, hotels, clinics, schools, museums, theaters and many others. Quit taking hard guided sightseeing in your pockets. EASY TRIP!!!! The eTips tourist guidebooks give you a complete tour of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The guidebook is intended for off-line use. He is a very handy guidebook, as he is conceived for use in travel routes. You have 4 different routes for the town, according to the length of your trip. There are also hints and advice for travelers on how to get to the town, how to get around, where to go shopping, where to go at nights, the most favourite places, security advice, etc......

Contrary to other travel books, the eTips travel book offers you a zooming in and out OFFLINE MAPS (x6 zooming + GPS-enabled) of the area with the area' tourist sites, local buses, local buses, local shops, local shops, bars, hotels, clinics and many other useful sights. You will not only be visiting the town with this tour leader, but also moving around the area.

This guidebook is prepared on the basis of itineraries. Contrary to other guidebooks, we can assure you that we have already been to these places and would like to give you an original and convenient instrument to make your stay even more pleasant.

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