Yangon Mandalay Highway Express

The Yangon Mandalay Highway Express

This itinerary was proposed between the old Yangon-Mandalay Highway and the Pegu Yoma Mountains. The Yangon Mandalay Highway Express, Yangon. There is a bus in front of a highway stop on the Yangon-Mandalay Highway.

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MaiDon-Mandalay Highway Upgrade Plan Expected

CDU/CSU Minister of Construction U Soe Tint said the department will refurbish the Yangon-Mandalay Highway, where many car crashes are occurring. This 336 mile highway links the Yangon trade center with the capitol Naypyitaw and the second biggest town Mandalay. Currently, only 41 of the 336-mile stretch of the highway is covered with hard coalfield.

At a parliamentary meeting, the minster said that the department would redesign a 36.3-mile route in fiscal 2014-15. It is currently expanding the motorway with funding and technology from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), MOLIT-KOICA, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and USAID. By the end of 2013, 337 people had died and 710 injured.

"We can' t believe they built over 300-mile freeways in six years. It is not up to the standards and regulations for motorways," said an officer from the Ministry of Construction, who asked not to be unidentified. Yangon-Mandalay Express coach drivers said, "There are floods on the roads in the wet seasons and pot holes in the mornings.

Yangon-Mandalay Highway: Two dead in express coach crash

2 persons were murdered and at least 25 others wounded when an express coach left the Yangon-Mandalay motorway on its way to Taungoo on 15 July. In the Myochaung community, the Sae Taman express coach drivers and conductors have been investigated by the local policestation. The government daily news said the two men escaped from the crash site and 34 persons were wounded, while a Myanmar Times Myanmar policeman said 25 were wounded.

From the Aung Mingalar station in Yangon at 7pm, the coach went down as it approached the 98 mile: "I'm very sorry for my friend's nephew and her little boy who was abandoned... A friar was taken to Yangon Hospital and the remainder of the travellers have surely come back to their homes," he said on his Facebook page.

Myanmar's two largest towns are infamous for car crashes, many of which are fatal. "We carry out road controls to guarantee the security of vehicles on the motorway," said the officer of the Myochaung MYPD.

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