Yangon Mandalay Express Bus

Mandalay Express Bus

By bus from Aung Mingalar to Mandalay. Mandalay Bus Ticket Booking Tickets are net and include $5 bookings, payments and bustickets. Reservations saves you the trouble and effort of searching for a bus tickets broker or agency and traveling to buy a bus tickets with the broker after you have arrived in Myanmar.

Our goal is to make your trip planning more comfortable and time-saving, with our simple on-line reservation system, so that you can better spend your valuable vacation during your stay in Myanmar, instead of hurrying to make your reservation during your stay in Myanmar.

Mandalay from Yangon. By bus or rail? - The forum of Myanmar

Mandalay from Yangon. Mandalay from Yangon. Mandalay from Yangon. Mandalay from Yangon. Mandalay from Yangon. It' a midnight bus, not a full-time bus, because it's completely shallow and has nothing to see. Mandalay from Yangon. Is it better to buy in advanced (via the Internet) or on arrival in Yangon? Mandalay from Yangon.

Mandalay from Yangon. Can I buy JJ Express from Yangon to Bangan on the daily basis? Mandalay from Yangon. You can buy bus passes at the bus terminal on the bus ride or during the evening.

Yangon to Mandalay Bus - Yangon (Rangoon) News Board

I' ll be in Yangon around 4:00. I' ve been reading from a website that there is a bus to Mandalay from Aung Mingalar Yangon about 9 pm and 9 pm. I' m considering driving directly from the airfield to the bus terminal. Is it okay to buy the bus tickets directly at the bus terminal?

Failing that, would anyone know which website I can make a booking (as I don't go to a Yangon hotel)? I' m leaving in July to discuss whether I should take the night bus between Yangon and Mandalay......thanks for any information you can give us. Don't be worried about the bus from Yangon-Mandalay.

Nocturnal busses depart at 5:00 pm and at the latest at 9:00 pm. Yangon Airport to Aung Min Ga Lar High Way Bus Station is not far, only 30 min by cab. Can I know if JJ and Elite have busses to Mandalay at 8 pm and 9 pm, but no bus at 9.30 pm? How much is the bus now and how many lessons does it take?

When do I get to Mandalay if I take the bus at 9 pm? SWEMANDALAR EXPRESS has a 9:30, 10:00 p.m. overnight bus to Mandalay. When you take the bus from Yangon to Mandalay at 21:00, you will reach Mandalay the next day at 6:00. Shemandalar Express will leave at 22:00 for this itinerary; thanks Ko for your quick response.

What is the price differential between the regular overnight bus and the luxury bus? Hello cosoesoemdy, I found this threads from the search for Shwe Mandalar. That very far from Nyaung Shwe? Will it stop at Shwe Nyaung train stop? I' ve also been reading that there are two bus stops in Yangon.

Is this bus leaving Aung Min Ga Lar or any other railway terminal? Can I buy tickets at the train stations and depart on the same date (in October)? I' m planning to drive directly from the airfield in the afternoons.

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