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Unknown conversation about Burmese and foreign tourists in the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Catch the full Yangon experience in this all-inclusive tour! Jump the tourist traps and explore Yangon like a local. Accompany local guides on this short tour through Yangon. I' m looking at the Amazing Yangon Small Group Tour with a local guide and am interested in it.

Guided Tours in Yangon for individuals

Local guide services will provide you with the best suggestions for tours. Select your guide and you are ready for a great vacation! The mystic Yangon, steeped in the sanctuary, is considered one of the most haunting travels to the Orient for anyone making this journey, providing a one-of-a-kind insight into this extremely ancient part of Southeast Asia.

Now back on the continental tourist menus, the town offers its abundance of old buddhistic shrines and nosy colorful architectural styles for discovery, supplemented by pulsating streets and welcoming people. Yangon's story has been decisively influenced by Buddhism, from the glittering dome-shaped Paya, which embellish its countryside, to the monk's intellectual power much later in 2007.

Shedagon Pagoda, the iconical picture on the Rangoon skyline, is lightly the striking core of the town and the fount of legend that traces its origins back almost three-thousand years. In addition, UK influence is spread all over Yangon, from the Railway Immigration Headquarters and Scott Market (also a great place to get knickknacks) to the Strand Hotel, whose stylish interior hosted the likes of Kipling and Maugham.

Until recently, Myanmar's main city, Yangon, has both old and new policy places in abundance, and your guide will certainly show you the walled Aung San Suu Kyi home compound, the honorable martyr mausoleum, and the home of Aung San herself, the Republican Warden.

Yangon, Myanmar Local Private Tour Guide

I am Han, a professionally certified guide in Myanmar (formerly Burma), which has recently become the most loved destination in the game. I' ve been working as a tourist guide in the tourist business for 8,5 years. I' m a keen travel guide.

I' ll be very happy to have you in Myanmar and show you every nook and cranny of the tours pages. I' m very sincere, kind, enthusiastic, humorous, gifted and open. Conversational means here that the guide must be communicative, because this is a very related work. I' m a freelancer guide here.

I' m both based in Yangon and also lead through Myanmar. We look forward to your visit to Myanmar! A great guide and great trip to see how the true Myanmar countryside lives. 2008: Certified Tourist Guide and Certified Instructor. Accredited in 2006:Certificate in Corporate Communications at the Myanmar-Singapore School.

After graduating with a BA from Sittway University, Rakhine State, Myanmar in 2005. I' m a licenced guide and escort you in a car with my chauffeur and may always and everywhere be there. I' m just an English guide.

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