Yangon Language

The Yangon Language

You can meet in Yangon or use protected e-mail, text or voice chats. Myanmar is the main language, but English is spoken by many people in cities and tourist areas (with different language skills); most hotels and larger restaurants have some staff with English skills. Street in Dagon Township and the other in Thuwanna, Yangon, Myanmar. The dissident Ai Weiwei is in Yangon.

MISY is taught in English and the school follows the English National Curriculum ESL Primary and Cambridge Secondary Curriculum.

Yangon Language Exchange

Speech sharing in Yangon via liveconversation or e-mail, text chats or voicecho. Join the free of charge activity and class schedule for funny, interesting and efficient exercises. Take advantage of a language learning expert's policies to help each other study. Quickly find the right match with high-performance searching functions, e.g. by era, sex, location and language.

┬┐What is a language course? Making a language change? What is the procedure for language exchanges? Make a personal meeting. Exchanges through secure e-mails (pen pals). Practise the text chats for your spoken conversations. Practise talking with voicemail. In addition to free, useful language sharing policies and advice, we offer free lessons created by a language sharing specialist.

It' a lot of pleasure so that you and your new study buddy can simply "break the ice" and practise effectively. Briefly, you have everything you need to practise with your language interchange colleagues in Yangon. Which kind of exchanges is right for you will depend on your geographical position, your language skills and your study objectives.

Discover which language exchanges are right for you. Please refer to the free How To Do A Language Exchanges guide for information on how to effectively share languages before you start practising. These are 20 of our youngest Yangon members who could become your language travelers.

For a list of all Yangon language sharing members please click here. I' m gonna need exercise in German and American. I' d like to be a good boyfriend to study at school. I am interested in learning more. I' m living in Yangon and would like to help you study Myanmar. I' d like to enhance my conversational abilities in Japan and England.

I' d like to watch films in England. I' ll be living in Yangon. I' ve been to Burmese and would like to practise my language and my work. Study closely to go abroad and I am interested in closely learn. I' ve been trying to learn a little more. It is interesting to talk for it is very useful in my travel itinerary.

I want to learn a little more. I' m currently in Myanmar and I'm interested in Italians, Koreans and Japanes. e-mail - Thanks. I' m studying my language and studied Thai for about 6 month and remained there for a year, but I know a little xD. I' m a Yangon national.

I am looking for a language interchange person to help me develop my knowledge of German. I can help you with Myanmar language and if you are interested, I am also....... I' m studying from www.worldenglishinstitute.org. I' m taking a language course in Myanmar. Would like to increase my language skills, e.g. as a mother tongue speaker.......

I' m seriously practicing French and Darija, so please let me know if you can make a periodic appointment. I' d like to practise the language and can also give lessons in Myanmar (Burmese). I' m an Englishman in my spare tim. I' d like to speak and pronounce better.

Click here to see all members of the Yangon language school. Locate a language interchange provider who has: Tip: Use language version of the town name. "We couldn't be luckier with the exchange." "I will use your website to practise my French and I will suggest it to everyone I know.

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