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Wellcome to Yangon International Hotel. in the Healthy Spa at the International Hotel, Yangon. Spa - Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon International Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. Reserve the Yangon International Hotel Japan now with Expedia and save!

Hotel Yangon International Japan Yangon International Hotel Japan

Wellcome to Yangon International Hotel! The Yangon International Hotel is the first hotel founded by Japanese investment in Yangon. Situated across from the Old Town, 5 minutes from the city centre and 2 minutes from Schwedagon Pagoda, a favourite touristic area. It is a useful place for shopping and visiting with many stores and possibilities for entertainmen.

You can see the Schwedagon Pagoda from the rooms and roofs of the upper floor. The hotel has several rural eateries, pubs, disco, karaoke, beauty parlour and massages rooms. It is the main area of Yangon and is near some tourist attractions.

From Yangon International Airports the hotel is easy to reach, i.e. about 30 minutes by cabin. Introducing the sight-seeing destinations and the hotel's own commercial area.

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A 24-hour transfer is available on demand. Please consult the real estate in order to make the necessary precaution. - Specialized in Japan, this place offers lunches and dinners. In good outdoor conditions our clients can dine. Bookings are necessary for massages and can be made before your flight at the number indicated on the reservation form.

All fees provided by this hotel are inclusive. Prices may differ, however, depending on the length of your holiday or room.

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