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Visiting interesting places in Yangon

Our Yangon travel guide recommends other attractions in Yangon and they include: The city is full of amazing and spiritual sights. A trip to Thanlyin gives you the opportunity to visit a suburb near Yangon and get a taste of the country, as the city itself is old and interesting. During your stay at Yangon Beach you should take time to visit some of the most popular tourist attractions in Yangon, including the popular pagodas. His colour is even more sparkling at night under the sky of Yangon. The capital YANGON Yangon is the main gateway to Myanmar.

The Yangon Attractions - What to see and do in Myanmar ~ Columbus travels through Myanmar (Burma)

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Yangon was deprived of its lavish character by decade-long civilian unrest, which closed the gates to the world of foreign tourists..... Mahabandoola Park with the sparkling Sule Pagoda, which shapes the area. Myanmar, also known as Burma, is taking a big step towards South East Asia travel after centuries of isolation and welcoming tourists to the Golden Land.

Yangon is the new capitol, but Nyaypyidaw is still the centre of trade, style and comforts. The inquisitive traveller is attracted to Yangon. The true old fashioned charms, the naive but kind humans and the astonishing civilization make it a truly unforgettable travelling time. Surprisingly, it will tickle your appetite for faraway places when this town has become renowned for the marvels of Buddhism, the play area of the past epochs of the British East and the award-winning Aung San Suu Kyi.

The best way to get to Yangon is to fly, but it is still quite costly in most major airlines. The largest and cheapest carrier to fly directly from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, the days when we were fortunately missed in the midst of the chaotic flavour and flavour of Burma's Bogyoke Market café, which has been running on various trams for the last 18 years.

The Yangon is such a welcome place for Myanmar travellers because it catches the heart of Burma's life. It' nomadic farmhouses tell the tales of their alliance. The Shwedagon is the oldest structure in Myanmar with a history of 2,500 years. Worshipped as the holiest of all Buddhist sanctuaries in Myanmar, it is hailed as one of the miracles in the faithful canon.

In Yangon, another symbol of Yangon is the" meeting" of the words "su-wei", where King Ukkalapa talked about the construction of the Shwedagon, because it is a traffic circle in the town. This 2,000-year-old eight-sided marble is surrounded by main streets with colorful houses, stores and gardens.

His interesting interiors are set in a labyrinth of holy objects. In 1824 the British conquered Yangon during the Anglo-Burmese war. After settling down, they rebuilt the town, made it a commercial centre with the West and made it the London of the East. Burma became independent in 1948 and was abandoned with huge Victorian, Queen Anne and Art Deco style settlements.

Today, Yangon is the only Asian town with the most settlements in Southeast Asia to hold the records. Most of these historic monuments are located on Strand Road and Pansodan Road. In 1911, the High Court Building was erected as the highest court of law during Britain's settlement war.

At one time, the general accountant's office accommodated the income of the country's richness. Panjodan and Strand Road are full of huge colorful houses like this one. Yangon is known for its beautiful lakeside park located right in the city centre.

Built by the English to imitate London, its late 19th c. architectural style is interspersed with green alleys, tree-lined seas and pools or the Great King's See houses the Karaweik Palace, a copy of the King's ship. The Kandawgyi Nature Park and Yangon Zoological Garden, the biggest pond in the town, cover an area of 60 hectares.

Kandawgyi Lake is a must for Yangon's tourist, the place where its past from antiquity to colonialism is preserved. The home of Myanmar's much-loved heroes, who have now been transformed into a home of their own mementoes, is another interesting place to visit.

Mahabandoolaola Park's central Obelisk is a reminder of its autonomy. The Yangon Circular Trains are becoming increasingly popular with visitors who want to see the true Yangon behind the beautiful yards, palaces and cemeteries. Constructed by the British in 1954, this rail bow is still the simplest means of transportation to avoid the town bow.

Take the 50s Yangon railroad. It's for girls. The Bogyoke Market is a repository for amazing finds! roads, these alleyways are used at nights in a more traditional town such as Yangon for eating and drinking. Yangon Town Hall from the perspective of Mahabandoolaola Park. Yangon, as its name translated into English as The End of Strife really captures the mood of a new town.

Coming to Yangon now, be one of the few first in this breed to truly be in glitter! From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand there are a number of airlines offering non-stop services to Yangon. AAA is the most highly regarded airline when it comes to air fares and flight uptime. A visa is necessary for non-ASEAN travel.

There is a wide range of trips through Myanmar and Thailand. D-586 Strand Road (at the corner of Seventh Street), Lanmadaw Municipality, Yangon, Myanmar.

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