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An inviting expat community awaits you in Yangon. Explore the rich heritage of Yangon and find information about local restaurants, art and culture, attractions and more near the luxury hotel in Myanmar. Information Centre of the United Nations Yangon. Basic area information plan and preparation of the trip with ANA website. Royal Lake Park, Yangon.

About Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Myatwunna, the proprietor, is very friendly and informed and can help to organize trips all over the state. Since 1999 in the shop, this seasoned outdoor wear can organize trips to Myanmar, which includes biking and mountain climbing. This can also make it easier to visit distant north Myanmar and other far-flung areas. Renowned on-line reservation agent for a broad palette of hotel, internal flight, expedited busses, rental cars and touring.

She also brokers Myanmar visa, which can be collected at the airport. Her best wager in Yangon for disasters, this hospital claimed to be able to work with almost every major medical insurer and has a 24-hour ambulance center with an oncologist.

Expatriates in Yangon - Information about jobs, accommodation & visas

" "Information about Yangon made the search for an international school much simpler than I thought. "Discover Yangon's expatriate population! Welcome to the Yangon Comunity! Use our membership support and information platform to get together with other expatriates in your area.

You can chat with other Yangon residents to make sure you get the best of it. If you are moving to another town or going on a corporate travel - our community is there to make you comfortable all over the globe.

Visit our Yangon Expatriate meetings and weekly expatriate activity to meet like-minded individuals in person. Moving to Yangon is an appealing choice for many of our students, as the business quarter of the centre offers high performance workplaces and a wide variety of institutions such as foreign schooling.

You will find that once you get used to the tempo of things, Yangon is a pleasant and worthwhile place to live. You can see great places of interest throughout the town, good educational institutions for you and your kids, the costs of living are quite low, and the locals are largely happy and inviting.

The Yangon region is a major actor in Myanmar's economic system, representing one-fifth of the country's population. You will find that there are plenty of opportunities for expatriates to get a great career in Yangon. The following articles give an overview of the work in Yangon, as well as tips on finding a suitable employment, taxes on incomes and more.

Receive trusted advices and glimpses from other members in our Yangon Exhibitor-Forum. It is Myanmar's biggest and economically most important town. Yangon has developed economically well in recent years as domestic and international investment has been keen to gain a firm footing. For many expatriates in Yangon, the site is becoming increasingly precious due to the variety of business possibilities.

Living abroad should not, however, be just a question of work. Spend your leisure day enjoying the breath-taking Yangon scenery with breath-taking buddhistic sites such as Botataung Paya and the recently restored People's Park with its floral garden, wells and lakes. Meet other international players in your town before you move or if you travel somewhere and never feels like a foreigner.

When you have a question about any part of your new Yangon lifestyle, you are welcome to ask it in our forums, where other members are available to help and advise you on the basis of their own experiences.

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