Yangon in which Country

Which country is Yangon in?

Yangon is not the capital of Myanmar. It was he who gave the name Yangon, which means "end of the fight". The furthest point of Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon is an internal data container that is not intended for direct transfer. Analyst for communication and advocacy, Yangon, Myanmar Country Office, NOB in Yangon.

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Yangon is an external datacontainer that is not designed for direct transfer. This is used directly by layouts like flags, symbols and others. For a more detailed explanation of the flags submission system, not described here, see the projects page. Do not use this pattern directly.

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Yangon, Finance Associate, Myanmar office

Summary of positions: The Finance Associate is in the Country Office (CO) and reporting to the International Operations Manager. Finance Associate is a leader in the provision of country office (CO) and decentralised office finance solutions to ensure the efficient and efficient use of funds and the confidentiality of finance and to master all applicable policies, practices, processes as well as practices.

He/she interprets the regulations, processes and policies in a customer-oriented manner by supporting and advising the CO, the decentralised bureaus and the implementation partner in terms of bookkeeping and administrativ. Mr. Huber has seven years of pertinent expertise in public administrations, finances or business process outsourcing. The company's expertise in common MS Outlook and IT-financials.

United Nations Women Jobs - 77965

United Nations womens, based on the UN Charter's concept of gender mainstreaming, are committed to eliminating gender segregation, strengthening the role of men and womens as a partner and beneficiary of grassroots developments, respect for fundamental freedoms, respect for fundamental freedoms, respect for the environment, and the rule of law, as well as promoting justice, democracy, peace as well as international justice.

In Myanmar, UN womens use their threefold mandates at the country levels to foster equal opportunities for men and mothers and the Empowerment of Womens (GEWE) as key elements of peace-building, rapid reaction and reconstruction, democracy and the process of government and progress. The UN Womens Myanmar is currently acting as a projects bureau and is headquartered in Yangon, with sub-offices in the Mon region and the states of Kachin and Rakhine.

While it is becoming a fully-fledged country unit, UN Women is also strengthening its programming within the country and is in the midst of drawing up its country strategy-lap. Based on its previous and ongoing work, the Bureau will concentrate on the following interrelated areas of the programmes, supported by inter-governmental and regulatory processes:

Governance, peace and safety; economic empowerment of women; gender in humanitarian aid and disaster risk mitigation; translation of global standards and norms on gender equality and strengthening the role of women. The Country Representative reports to the Director of the Asia Pacific Office and is in charge of the management and administration of the Myanmar Country Office (CO) portfolios and the implementation of the UN Women's Strategy Plan (SP) according to local and country specific priority in terms of country and country specific developments and outcomes through the design, implementation and management of programs and project management for each country in Myanmar CO;

as well as the establishment of strong partnership with government partners, UN system bodies and organisations, civic organisations and bi-lateral and non-traditional donor organisations to foster partnership between authorities, supporting UN reforms and mobilising awareness and resource to foster promoting sex and strengthening the role of womens rights. Head of SDR for the CO:

Evaluate country-specific societal developments in Myanmar and identifying new themes relevant to the UN women's mandates to help define ways for women's empowerment in order to promote the aims of UN women in each country under their oversight; developing and implementing the CO strategy in Myanmar; leading the conception, programming, formulation, preparedness and implementation of the CO Strategy Note on the basis of the UN women's SP and UN women's and provincial and provincial and provincial priority, in cooperation/consultation with the UN administration, civic organizations, the UN partner agencies and interest groups.

Advising the Executive Director, WHO/Europe Director and senior managers on issues related to local strategies, program and project governance and forecasting; managing and ensuring the overall effectiveness of results- and rights-based CO in Myanmar; finalizing the yearly workplan and budgets; overseeing the results-oriented program forecasting and forecasting process.

Administer Myanmar Country Office: Managing the Bureau's operations; finalising the year' s work schedule and budgets; monitoring execution, which includes the provision of instruction, training and assistance; monitoring and approving program work schedules and monitoring overall progression and CO in Myanmar; managing the production of country reporting on behalf of UN women; managing the auditing processes and responding to auditing reporting in a timely manner;

Maintaining and updating the country office's safety policy, plans and actions to assure full adherence to UN safety guidelines, processes and needs; managing the personnel's operations under its oversight; providing management, instruction and command to personnel and providing supervised personnel with monitoring based assessment and training; maintaining and updating the safety policy, plans and actions for Myanmar CO to assure full adherence to UN safety guidelines, processes and needs.

Representing UN womens in UN system coordination: To act as a member of the UN Country Team (UNCT) under the UN Resident Coordinator (RC)/Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) as well as supporting UNCT programmatic and lobbying activities to guarantee the promotion of equal opportunities for men and to strengthen the role of womens in the UN programmatic process, as well as the Joint Country Assessment (CCA) and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), and in an improved reaction to the role of UN partner countries;

Ensuring the energetic involvement of UN womens in UN system working groups, thematically and otherwise, to build efficient networking and keep up to date with current discussions and reflections on developments. Representing UN womens and leading legal strategies: Representing UN womens in inter-governmental fora, organising information and relationship gatherings and important gatherings, participating in political dialogues, discussing political initiative, reporting on achievements and/or presenting strategy papers/ideas, building relationships and twinning with high-level and high-level governance officers, multilateral, bilateral and agency and NGOs, participating in local, state and other crucial gatherings and gatherings, leading and supporting in the promotion of sex and strengthening the role of womens, to make sure that the UN's assistance in the implementation of the UN's domestic agendas and priority is gender-specific.

Build and sustain your strategy partnership and administer your resources mobilisation strategies: Leading the design of resources mobilisation policies and managing the delivery of resources mobilisation policies, planning and effort; building and maintaining relations with governments, business associates, interest groups and contributors to foster proactive co-operation, co-operation and coalitions in program design and delivery and resource mobilisation; finalising donator feedback and negotiating and/or approving shared costs arrangements with contributors; establishing a financial reporting reporting mechanism to make sure the contributors are on time.

to steer the design and delivery of CO communications for Myanmar on the basis of the UN Women's Communications Policy; to authorise the deployment of innovations and best practice in Myanmar CO; to foster education and develop by offering ways of educating and managing capacities to improve the skills/productivity of employees; to direct the creation and diffusion of information tools to increase the profile of UN women and to develop the capacities of customers and interest groups.

Prompt and high-quality country strategy and annual work plan formulation and execution; timeliness and excellence of operative objectives; timeliness of UN women's country reporting, donors' reporting and auditing response; consistency and scope of cooperation with UNCT, involving common design, resources mobilisation, lobbying and working groups;

The UN Women is regarded by government, donor and civic groups as a trusted and trusted associate; early developing and implementing the Myanmar CO resources mobilisation policy; personnel capacity, safety planning in place and up to date; the Bureau is producing high value added knowledgebased work. Gender consciousness and sensitivity; responsibility; effective communication; inclusive cooperation; stakeholder engagement; leadership by example.

Outstanding capabilities in the drafting, execution, monitoring and assessment of programmes; capacity to elaborate in-depth operating planning, budgeting and execution; capacity to advise on policies and engage with high-level decision-makers; outstanding understanding of sex equity and the role of the country's womens; good understanding of the UN system; capacity to plan and manage the UN womens' strategy in the country; outstanding network capabilities; capacity to recognise and analyse funding generation and risk and trend-setting capabilities; and to devise policies.

A Master's or similar qualification in development-related subjects, business or politics or other areas of the sociology is necessary. A minimum of 10 years of progressive responsibility combined strategy and management expertise in the field of DC, some of which are in the field of female and male programmers, at global levels, preferable in the UN system, agencies, funds or programmes or the UN mission in a country other than the world. Experiences in working with multicultural teamwork. Experiences in managing a project group; work experiences in the UN system are an advantage.

Applicants must complete the UN Women Human Resources Application Forms ( "P-11"), which can be found at http://www.unwomen. or/about us/work conditions. Submissions without the UN Women P-11 template will be deemed inchoate and will not be taken into account for further evaluation.

Remark: In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly established the UN Womens Unity for Equal Opportunities and Womens' Empowerment. Creating UN womens is part of the UN Review Agendas, which pools together ressources and mandate for more outreach. The Commission is building on the important work of four previously separate parts of the UN system (DAW, OSAGI, INSTRAW and UNIFEM), which focus solely on promoting equal opportunities for men and women and strengthening the role of the woman.

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