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Yangon Spa raid: 17 Chinese sex workers arrested by Yangon Spa authorities

Rangoon - Yangon PD corroborated that 17 young Chinese sexual laborers were detained on Tuesday in a beautician's shop on Waizayandar Street in the township of South Okkalapa, said to have been in the front line of an illicit trafficking traffick. The Yangon region spokesperson, Maj. Hla Wai, refused to give any further information about the detention, such as the name of the holder of the Yangon Regional Park or the nationality of the suspect.

On Tuesday at about 4 pm, according to state papers, policemen attacked the East Asian Spa and caught an ostensible female sex worker named Ms Li Teng, 22, who provides sex work for a customer. According to the story, Li Teng comes from San Jia, a town in the southeastern Chinese Guangdong region.

Pursuant to information from the authorities, the resort was fitted out with around 18 baths and massaging rooms. Following a search of all the rooms, they found another young Chinese girl, Tao Lian, 18, who was supposedly awaiting clients together with 15 other young Chinese mothers. Reconfiscated sex health care items, at least 34 million kyat, about 6,500 and 11,700 yuan respectively by the salon director, Mr Feng Anxin, and 10 employees, some of whom are considered Myanmar citizens.

According to the policemen' s reports, the managers did not have a current visas or passports, but the officials are still "investigating" to find the actual entrepreneurs. "We are still trying to determine the origin of the surviving suspects," said Major Hla Wai. There was no reference in the declaration to whether Chinese wives worked voluntarily as sex workers or whether they were trafficked.

And it was also not clear whether the 17 girls had legal passes. It found that the suspected had been charged by law enforcement against them under the suppression of the 1949 Prostitution Act Articles 3 (a, b) and 5 (1). Surprisingly, the Chinese sexual worker was arrested virally on Facebook, whereby Mr N├ętizens described the position as "Chinese takeover of the women's markets in Myanmar".

Myanmar's trading towns of Yangon and Mandalay were rated by Care International 2015 as the most women sexual labourers in the state.

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