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The customs clearance is relatively fast on arrival and departure. To apply for an e-visa, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Immigration. Domestic animals must enter Myanmar via Yangon International Airport. Ethnic Indian numbers grew rapidly (almost half of Yangon's population was Indian in World War II). Their feedback is valuable to the Bangladeshi Embassy in Yangon.

Myanamar immigrants? - : Yangon (Rangoon) News Board

Myanamar immigrants? I' ve been reading that a foreign national has to use the same foreigner' s internatonal airfield for the entrance and departure to Myanamar. I' ve already reserved my ticket; I' m entering Yangon from Bangkok and leaving Mandalay. Myanamar immigrants? Arrival and departure can be at any of the airports or crossings.

Myanamar immigrants? Myanamar immigrants? Myanamar immigrants? Myanamar immigrants? They don't even have to depart via an airfield, they can walk ashore.

INS Yangon? - MYANEMA visa information

I' ve been to Thailand before and got used to going to the Aliens Department often to renewal or renewal of the visas, or all related work. After 70 nights, can I take my visas to INS to get an extra day or do I have to leave the state?

If I' m also looking in Google for the Yangon migration agency, it's a little irritating. Somebody tell me where lmmigration is? Muggsy, really you need to get out of the land every 70days, you can't prolong for another 70 as you would do in Thailand for 90  days.

You will receive a year or 6 months visas in Thailand, with a 90 day residence limit, then you can renew if you want to be more. However, in Myanmar the overall expiry date of the Myanmar citizenship is 70 day, so you must leave the state.

They may be extended by a week or two, but I am not sure that is still the case. Concerning the Department of Homologation, it is the red-yellow house right next to the Town Council. If you are facing the Town Council, it is on the right, you cannot miss it, you only have to walk across a small road from it.

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