Yangon Hpa an

Youangon Hpa and

As Mawlamyine airport is temporarily closed, the nearest airport is now in Mae Sot, Thailand, with Yangon or Dawei being the nearest domestic airport. Hpa-an? How to get to Hpa-an? You can use the quick links below to skip to the required section on transporting to and from Hpa-an. Due to the temporary closure of Mawlamyine International Park, the next international airstrip is now in Mae Sot, Thailand, with Yangon or Dawei as the next local airstrip.

You will see Hpa - an aerodrome that is indicated on some charts, but it is an abandoned one.

There is no railroad between Thaton and Hpa-an. Today the next stops are Thaton or Mawlamyine. From Hpa-an you can drive in three directions: eastwards to Myawaddy and the Thai boarder; across the Than Lwin Bridge and the Hwy over Thaton and all points to Yangon or south-west along the Than Lwin River's river's lefthand shore to Mawlamyine.

The majority of transportation depart from the city center around the clock. 2. Busses in all three direction run more or less every hour, with most morning and evening sailings to Yangon. Myawaddy and Mawlamyine collective cabs are a favourite choice and they also collect you from your lodging.

There are Yangon busses every hour from 06:00 to 13:00, and then there are overnight busses every hour between 17:00 and 21:00. The prizes are 5,300k yat air-con or 8,000 V.I.P. Leave everything between six and eight to get from Hpa-an to Yangon. There is a bus service every hour from 06:00 to 16:00 on the motorway to Mawlamyine.

It costs only 1,000 kyats and lasts two to three hour, according to how often it stops. Aircon mini buses on the same line will make it in a two hour period and costs 8,500-9,000kyats. The Myawaddy is operated by mini-buses and collective cabs, with the first departing every hour between 06:00 and 14:00 and the second if they have enough people.

A large number of collective taxi services also carry goods. 5-hour without stop or 3. To find out more about Myawaddy to Hpa-an, see our Myawaddy Shipping Information. For the masochist there is an 18:00 Aircon coach leaving from Pyin U Lwin (Shan State), which will stop in Yangon, Mandalay and all points in between.

The number of lessons is probably a fruitless task, but it is 15,500 Kie. for Mandalay. One good way to get out of the city or to reach it is by ferry across the scenic Than Lwin (Salween) to or from Mawlamyine. If you want to take you with you, you can buy a long tail ship - we were given 80.000 Kie. although we did not negotiate.

The majority of the inns we saw sold 10,000 kyats per capita for the approximately four-hour cruise (life vests available) on mid-size regular size vessels, covered wood vessel. It is a wonderful cruise along the rivers, especially in the early mornings or later in the afternoons, the most pleasant parts being the descent from Hpa-an and the landing in Mawlamyine.

Hpa-an is mostly accessible on walking, although there is a motor taxi and various large and contoured cars suitable for tuk-tuks onboard. Pricing varies and is up for negotiation, but most city center locations should not exceed 500 to 1,000 Kie. Hpa-an is well suited for motorcycle tours with relatively little road and road congestion.

You will find one for most hostels and there are some real rental stores on Thit Sar Street, up to the Soe Brothers Watch Towers. Usual price, also called in pensions, is 3.000 to 4.000 kyats for half a days, or 6.000 to 8.000 kyats for a whole days, according to the bicycle.

Bikes also seem to be very easily found, as many inns offer them for 2,000 kyats per night. Motorbike rental: Thit Sar St, Hpa-an; T: (058) 21622, (095) 660 170, (097) 9015 2407; open every morning 07:30-21:00. Motorbike rental: Thit Sar St, Hpa-an; open every morning from 07:00-21:00.

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