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Dinner | Yangon Shopping | Nightlife | Mandalay, Bagan | Hotel Contacts. Reviews for Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye. Look what sets the New Park Hotel apart from the crowd. It is our first stay at Hotel Yangon. This hotel is located in Yangon, near the Sule Pagoda and more!

In Yangon, still on the ball

Our selection of Yangon businesses hotel and rose faces in the night. Yangon amusement book for the adventurous and incorrigible romantic. Glimmering golden Shwedagon Pagoda sits enthroned above the colorful Yangon building like a giant, breeding guard angels, handsome and calm, yet mighty, his bare occupancy enough to calm the population.

It is a lively place that has maintained its sleepiness in the face of the turmoil and developments in the area. A touch of Yangon, and one notices that one is in a changing world. Formerly known as Rangoon, a name reminiscent of monsoons, palm trees, palm trees and settlement colonades, the army moved from Kipling and Burma to Myanmar when Rangoon passed to Yangon.

In fairness, the name Yangon (meaning "end of dispute") was given to the town ( "small settlement" then named Dagon) by the King Alaungpaya in 1755. In 2006, the town slid humbly down the administrative ranks as the regime relocated the nation's capitol to some insulated Naypyidaw, now fully developed, about 300 km to the south.

Some big-name companies are looking for ways to rival the Yangon Bus. You can observe the changes in the Yangon ocean in both large and small form. Gino Joseph, the fun and exciting Australia tourist leader, the Free Yangon Walks (www.freeyangonwalks.com), the informational - and free - walk through Yangon's inner cities, says the SIM card in the town used to costs a hefty $2,000.

The town offers a steadily increasing number of fashionable new eateries and pubs that will attract even the most demanding people. Nevertheless, this is a town from the 1940' s, marinated in jask. Much of the Yangon River area' s main administrative and business building is largely intact.

A number of them are now planned as Yangon businesses, offices and flats. Like any Yangon leader will tell you, there is a more remarkable force in the town than 30 years ago. The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing, although only a few of them are less than a decadel.

Your architect is not named in the same wind as IM Pei or Norman Foster, but there are tens of high building cranes on the very low Yangonskie. Apart from the minutes of colorful architectural style, the above mentionned Shwedagon Pagoda and the beautiful Kandawgyi Lake, Yangon is not flooded with to-dos.

Nevertheless, the town throws precious stones for those who take the opportunity to discover it, and the Myanmar tribe - so willing to help, though seldom impressive - will certainly make any trip to Yangon or Myanmar in general unforgettable. Inle Lake and a new Hanthawaddy International International, 80 km from Yangon, with an annual passenger traffic volume of 12 million by December 2019.

Yangon Airport, which was modernized in 2007, is served by several major carriers, such as Korean Air, Malaysia Air, Singapore Air and ANA. A number of low-cost carriers, such as Air Asia, Tiger Air and Jetstar, also operate to and from Burma, as well as Myanmar Airways Int'l (MAI, www.maiair. com), a partially privately-owned airline operating to and from Bangkok, Singapore, Guangzhou and Kuala Lumpur to Yangon.

Regarding national flights, there is a complex internal flight system operated by the company to Yangon, Mandalay, Nyaung-U (Bagan) and several other towns. A number of major carriers, such as Bangkok Airways, SilkAir and Qatar Airways, also operate flights to Mandalay via Bangkok or Yangon. The Yangon Airport is about 30 min from the center of the town ( "Hanthawaddy Airport" will take a while).

As of June 1, 2012, the U.S. federal budget reintroduced the $50 Visa-on-arrival program for corporate travelers. Sales are one to two working day. Visas for businesses permit a 10 week residence, renewable up to 12 month. The majority of places, among them five-star hostels, have an" unofficial" price of 1 US$ = 1,000 yat.

The majority of major institutions such as hotel and transportation companies take US Dollar and more humble businesses do the same (but you are likely to get changes in Kyat). Majority of hotel and upscale restaurant services for expatriates and visitors are accepting them. ATMs that are accepting internationally recognised ATMs - a completely new phenomena - are now humbly dispersed around the town.

In the absence of a pick-up agreement with your hotel, a cab from the city centre to the city centre for a 30-minute journey should be between $8 and $10, subject to negotiations and the availability of AC (taxi driver sometimes negotiates a $1 raise for a colder trip). It probably won't be anywhere in Yangon, that's more than a 15-minute journey (without traffic) from anywhere.

The majority of travelers will probably depend on cabs that are easy to find on the road at almost any hour of the morning, but it is also possible to explore the cityside. Yangon could be subdivided into about three sections. Further North, there is a mid-town around Lake Kandawgyi and the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is above all Yangon's masterspiece.

Further to the North is the semi-urban recreation area around the bigger Lake Inya. Between Shwedagon and the stream it would be US$3 and from the stream to Inya Lake US$4-$5. Rental cars with drivers (not hotel limousines) should be between $35 and $50 for a 10-hour workday.

An expert rider, perhaps suggested by a hotel, could be valuable for his body mass in the city. The majority of them are so fexible in their prices (which on board an annual fee of 10% and 5% services ) that they almost refuse to accept a regular one. Assume a guide value of US$150-$250 for a default room in a four-star hotel and about US$250-$450 for a five-star or luxurious hotel.

The Strand on Strand Road, the Yangon hotel scene's top-selling Yangon hotel season, even gives a 20 to 30 per cent discount between April and September. The beach was opened in 1901 by the famous Argentine hotel owners, the Sarkies Brethren, who also founded the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have a gym, but it offers spas and great catering facilities. There' s a long pub where you can get a three dollar ale ('Happy Hour' on Friday night, where all beverages are 50 per cent cheaper); the beach café overlooking the streets and serving a nasty bite of barbecue, the eye-catchingly stylish beach grill, the princes of Yangon living-rooms with bagan print in blacks and golden, candlesticks and a domed sky.

If you don't end up in The Strand, the hotel is a must. In the afternoons at the hotel is an establishment in Yangon, or take a beach snare (a mixture of rhum and lemon juice) at the beach bar. You can use this adress as a Yangon hotel or, better said, as a wonderful recreational paradise.

Sule Shangri-La Yangon (renamed Traders Hotel in April 2014) is the largest and busiest of the twenty-first centuries of Yangon's corporate travelers and is situated in the trading center on the intersection of Sule Pagoda and Bogyoke Aung San Roads. The hotel has long been a popular destination, with an additional Shangri-La and a $14 million refresher after two years.

It is one of the biggest and best hotel in Yangon with 479 rooms in one of the highest building in the town. On the hotel's 21 stone is the extended Horizon Club lounge with 490 square metres of indulgence room (including two conference rooms) and a magnificent panoramic view of the town and the sparkling Shwedagon Pagoda.

On the top level of the hotel there are three wooden suite, among them the large Presidential Suite, which ranges from 126 to 189 m². You will find luxurious textiles, meticulously selected artifacts and spacious bathroom with bathtub and rain forest wash. Myanmar Ballroom accommodates up to 480 people with state-of-the-art technology for small business or major conferences and MICEs.

Après-work, think healthy with one of the most advanced fitness studios in town (the hotel also provides twice aweek Yoga classes), spas, nails and hairdressing salons and a variety of foods and beverages (including China cooking and the welcoming Gallery Bar). On Alana Pya Phaya Road, just off the center of town, is the rather stylish PARKROYAL Yangon (formerly Grand Plaza Park Royal).

The 342-room hotel's impressive façade and impressive stone façade make it as chic as its name. It has a large outside swimming pools, a golf course, a fitness studio and a spas service. Only a few minutes from PARKROYAL is the fashionable new The Loft Hotel on Yaw Min Gyi St, a 32-room shop.

It is unlikely that the hotel's default rooms (starting at $160) are not really valuable the additional green without many amenities. The Belmond Governor's Résidence is another Yangon shop hotel, off the beaten track in the Taw Win Rd off the mall. Run by the British company Belmond (formerly Orient Express), this charming hotel is a renovated teak house, adorned with fret saws and surrounded by wood ceilings overlooking a deep pink swimming pools and an orchestra park.

There is a prestigious française dining area, The Mandalay, an unavoidable kiplings pub, a lounging area and a spas. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel is located just south of the downtown center with 208 rooms on the shore of Kandawgyi Lake, Yangon's little jewel of tranquility and tranquility near the center. Kandawgyi Palace is either a downtown hotel or a downtown hotel with resorts.

Apart from its rather showy fancy hotel it is a nice, roomy and quiet hotel in the green. There is a lot of diversity under the hotel umbrella. On the top of the row is the tropical Royal Bungalow, with a petalled floral whirlpool at the bottom of the bunk and an endless outdoor patio that seems to blend in with the lakes.

It has a grand piano with a historical stage for night dinners and cultural events. There' s an extravagant lakeshore swingboat, sea view terrace, dining and bar as well as a large shop. Situated on the shores of the pagoda of Shwedagon, the hotel also houses the very urban Agnes, a France style pagoda bar overlooking the town.

The 303-room Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon (formerly Hotel Nikko Royal Lake Yangon ) on Natmauk Road is also on the water. The kitchen focuses on Chinese and Chinese, which reflects the majority of corporate customers. It also has a gym, swimming pools and 14 spas for tired workers who want to end the days with a highscore.

It is one of the better Yangon businesses that you should remember. North-west of Lake Kandawgyi, at the intersection of bustling Dhammazedi and trendy Inya streets, The Savoy, one of Yangon's most popular small luxurious adresses. The hotel is five minutes by car from the Shwedagon Pagoda and is home to a British physician.

The hotel is devoted to kiplings (the name of the principal hotel is taken from the author ) and is run and largely supported by a loyal community of people. There' s only two stories and no elevators, but the hotel still succeeds in finding an amazing diversity of restaurants, from a typical upper-floor Euopean to the ground-floor Kipling's one.

The Savoy, a shady and verdant haven from the town, is still one of the best Yangon Hermitage properties and is diverse enough to meet most needs, businesses or pleasures. In our Yangon Nostalgic Fan Guides for those looking for a touch of nostalgic splendor with Mod-Cons and thoughtful services.

There is a businesscenter for suit, Wi-Fi and room for small company events up to 150 people. Further south of the town and near the international airports, travelers will find another group of hotel near another of the town keys - Lac Inya. The Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel is situated south of the lakeshore on a hillside in Yangon overlooking the Shwedagon Pagoda at sundown.

All in all a relatively inexperienced hotel, it is suffering from an interesting schizophrenic condition. Originally a pre-war hotel house, it was once the home of the general director of Standard Chartered Bank - and the commandant of the Japanese-martial. On the southern end of Lake Inya on Kabe Aye Pagoda Road you will find the contemporary 366-room Sedona Hotel, with its solid, strong office and light, comfortable rooms.

Located on eight hectares of gardens, the hotel is a good choice for corporate travelers. It' also an ideal hotel for long-term stays with a well-kept living atmosphere. The rooms are elegant, the furnishings appealing, and long staying customers have the additional benefit of 10 per cent discount on the menu, 10 per cent discount on the service, a well-equipped galley (in apartments) and up to six items of linen per night.

Sedona's higher rooms have a good panoramic sea front views. There' is a large outdoor bath, a fitness studio, massageservice and a bus. The Sedona began building a giant new hotel complex in 2013. It is scheduled to open in 2016 and will have 29 floors and 420 new rooms, taking the number of hotel rooms to 786.

MiCasa Hotel Apartments is also situated near Kaba Aye Pagoda Road on the shores of Lnya lake. MiCasa Hotel Apartments is a cosy but simple hotel known for its one- and two-room apartments. Situated at the north end of the lakeshore, right on the shores, is the Inya Lake Hotel (formerly Dusit Inya Lake), a bright 100-room hotel that was constructed by the Russians in 1962 and wondrously evaded its designer medal.

But it feels more like a county nightclub than a hotel. It offers a blended panoramic views of the 27 hectares of garden and the sea as well as an amazing sundown. Although Inya Lakes can conduct both small business gatherings and humble conference venues, she is proud to be a Yangon honeymoon venue with expansive landscaped areas for outside use.

The same applies to most of the Yangon Hotel front offices. At the moment, the above facilities are the best places for a suit in Yangon. Over the years, travelers to the town can look forward to many new opportunities. By the end of 2015, a Novotel with 366 rooms will arrive near Lake Inya, and in 2017 a Pan Pacific with 348 rooms is planning to do a deal opposite the Bogyoke Aung San Market in the center of the town.

As with other facets of the town, the Yangon nightlife is expanding and evolving at an exhilarating rate, with a variety of new (and often trendier) attractions that attract audiences and people. Gekko's proprietor, a UK firm named 57 Below, also operates two other beloved venues in the city:

The Union Bar & Grill on 42 Strand Road (tel. 018-272) offers UK bar dinners and is filled to the rim on Friday and Saturday evenings with a vibrant, nocturnal ex-pat population - and Parami Pizza (tel. 667-449), a relaxed pizza shop on the Malikha Street and Parami Road corners, which probably offers the best cakes in the city.

It is a restored farmhouse with reproductive Friesian Bagan woodcarvings and a trompe l'oeil work of art in a quiet area. Taste butterfish, a favorite Yangonish. Green Elephant Restaurant in Aung Thu Kha St. 2 (Tel.: 661-887) is a big hit with our guests (the Green Elephant can also be found in Bagan and Mandalay).

Another good Myanmar alternative is to have dinner in Aung Thuka, a restaurant in a side road on Dhammazedi Road, opposite the Savoy Hotel, at the danger of destroying this place by making too many recommendations. For a" hipster" kitchen, visit Rangoon Tea House on 77 Pansodan Road (tel. 224-534), a sweet and contemporary restaurant serving a light westerly touch of Bangladesh.

It' in Yangon is indigenous. For some, the Royal Garden (Tel.: 297-716) with a view of Lake Kandawgyi and Singapore style cooking is considered the best restaurant in the city. The Singapore Kitchen at 330 Ahlone Road (Tel: 016-788), known for its shellfish and crunchy canard, is on its tail.

Featuring a westerly vibe, try Hummingbird at 76 Phone Gyi Street (Tel: 292-074), an intimate three-story Latino food court and drink shop that opens in 2015 to avid critics. Here, too, is a place in Yangon where a middle-sized, scarce costal Eyego. The belle France rules in the Yangon canteens.

The Governor's Residence in Mandalay (tel. 229-860) blends excellent French and Myanmar food, and the price starts at about $10 for a dinner. Agnes at the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel is another expensive but delicious one. Khatrium is another hotel with several different outlet venues such as the japanes Restauranteohaku and the comfortable Club Rizzoli.

Acacia Tea Salon, a lovely Saya San Road 52 eatery (tel. 554-739) that offers delicious sweetcorn pancakes and fuzzy omelets; Bar Boon, a fashionable café at FMI Centre next to Bogyoke Aung San Market: 321-058 ), where you will find delicious crissants and chocolate chips; or Yangon Bakehouse, a "social business" on the basement of Pearl Condo (tel. 117-947), which offers training programs for native girls.

To shop in Yangon, look at gems, beads, sterling silver, crafts and lacquerware. The concierge of the hotel will take you to some good specialty stores. Usually you can find them in a hotel from about 18.00 to 1.00 o'clock. Ice Bar at Hotel Sedona, which also has a living group, is another good choice.

Located at 9-13 fiftyth St. (tel. 397-060), the 50-th St. Bar and Grill is a kind of Yangon establishment. It' located on a large plot next to the Summit Parkview Hotel on Ahlone Road 350. We suggest that you contact your hotel operator for the latest information on Yangon's night life.

There is a plane to Mandalay from Yangon (the journey can take up to 18 hrs, as well as a car), a ferry to Bagan and a plane to Inle Lake (not to be mistaken for Inya Lake, which is in Yangon). It takes at least two whole working day to do justice to Bagan, home to more than 3,000 shrines and Myanmar's response to Cambodia's Angkor Wat.

It takes at least two to three additional nights to unwind in a hotel on stilt walk along the lakeside and go back in may. So if you only have four to five working nights, maybe you could dump Mandalay. At best, the town itself is a half day's work.

Yangon's best tourist agency can organise a route for you within a few hour. Mandalay's top rated Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel at the base of Mandalay Hill and the fully equipped Sedona Hotel. Sedona Mandalay features elegant rooms with large en-suite bathrooms, large TVs, sofas, pastels and lilac coloured pillows.

Accommodation in Bagan is available at the beautiful Bagan Thande Hotel or the Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort (formerly Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sakura Hotel), which has rooms and cabins, a welcoming atmosphere of the old worid and a large, sun-kissed indoor and outdoor heated outdoor heated outdoor heated outdoor heated outdoor heated outdoor area. A number of smaller Bagan fashion boutiques are also deserving of consideration, such as the quaint Blue Bird Hotel.

It is a short catch-all Yangon funny guidebook for the family and corporate traveler. In view of the Yangon rates of flux, it is very likely that these trends will quickly outperform our coverage. A number of establishments provide large rebates of 50 per cent or more, especially during the wet seasons (June-September). There are also considerable reductions at Sule Shangri-La and The Strand.

You will find the latest information and room prices on the hotels' web pages. The room rate for a standard in a four stars hotel is US$150-$250 (low season: US$120-$200). It' more like $250-$450 in a five-star hotel. A number of establishments skilfully describe the "low" wet seasons as the "green season" with a 30 per cent discount.

4th Street, 412 Merchant Street (at intersection 45-th Street), Yangon. Mandalay Tour. Rooms 02-03, 2. level, Pearl Condominium, 1 Pearl Centre Kabu Aye Pagoda Road, Yangon. 596-strand road, Yangon. No. 147, Shwe Gone Daing Road, Yangon. Khatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon (formerly Hotel Nikko Royal Lake). Novotel Yangon Hotel Max. The Inya Lake Hotel.

The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel. The MiCasa Hotel Apartments. Yiek Mya Nyo Royal Hotel . Yangon PARKROYAL. The Savoy Hotel. Hotel Sedona Yangon. Shangri-La Sule, Yangon. The Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel. Hotel Mandalay. Bagan Thande Hotel (formerly The Bagan Hotel). The Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort (formerly Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sakura Hotel). The Blue Bird Hotel. 65-051 (e-mail: hotelbluebirdbagan@gmail.com or http://bluebirdhotelbagan.com/).

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