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Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. The Sedona Yangon is a 10 minute car ride from the Shwedagon Pagoda. There is a swimming pool, a spas and a gym. It is 3 minutes by car from Lake Inya and 10 minutes by car from the Kabar Aye Pagoda. It' 9 km from the Sule Pagoda and the Yangon city.

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The Myanmar Tourist Board calls for lower hotels

Myanmar's Department of Tourism and Accommodation has asked them to lower their fares to increase tourism, the military-led Myawady Daily said last weekend. For Myanmar, the Department has found high resort fares and high fares for national airline travel to be the major reason for less than the number of unexpected trips by tourism in recent years.

Laos and Cambodia are $75 lower than Myanmar, and the Myanmar hotels offer an annual room rate of $130 per city. Myanmar's successive regimes have been trying to lower prices for years. Soon after Myanmar's former administration unveiled its economic reforms in 2012, high tourist forecasts pushed some hotels to over $250 per overnight stay.

A number of establishments have increased their capacity utilisation to warrant the high price levels. As the limitation turned out to be tricky, Tint Hsan threatens to delay the extension of visas for hotel management officials who did not comply and to obstruct the extension of hotel leases.

Ever since, the Myanmar authorities have struggled to reconcile Myanmar's hotels with the local population. The Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business in October 2016 demanded "a complete offer of licenced accommodations at competitively priced" as a response to the gradual expansion of Myanmar's tourist industry. "Tourist complain about high fares and bad services and do not return to Myanmar for a second trip or even choose him for a first one," the centre's headmistress, Vicky Bowman, in Frontier commented.

But high cost is not the only reason for the sluggish increase in Myanmar's population. The Union of Myanmar Travel Association last months report that the number of tourists arriving this year was 11 per cent lower than last year.

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