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Yangon Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon): Please check room rates at Yangon Airport Hotel. Explore Port Douglas' newest, most exciting resort hotel with free WiFi. New standard for hotel luxury.

Perspectives for growth : Myanmar's booming tourism industry - Myanmar Third Party Reflections

Let's find out how interesting the Myanmar tourist sector is in terms of prospects for growth: Myanmar's thriving tourist industries. You know why Myanmar's tourist sector is expanding so fast? There are good grounds for forecasting enormous long-term economic expansion over the years. You know why you want to spend money on hotel in Myanmar?

The Growth Prospects is a serially published book that presents current topics with an emphasis on investments.

Travelling smarter

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QT Port Douglas Resort | QT Port Douglas

The QT Port Douglas is a tropic heaven for you. At QT Port Douglas Resort we have what you want, when you want. Each of our 160 rooms and luxury one- and two-room mansions offers either a view of the gardens or the swimming pools. Slim, stylish en-suite rooms, individual styling options, free WiFi and a relaxing Tropic ambience are waiting for you.

All our employees were very kind, agreeable and supportive. Both the hotel and the surrounding area were very clear and light. A very beautiful and relaxing place. It has a great swimming pool and a great swimmingpool bar. They were all very supportive and kind. Conducting an activity in Port Douglas is a great concept.... Conducting an activity in QT Port Douglas is an even better one.

Use our singular equipment and the tropic area.

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