Yangon Hotel in Myanmar

Hotel Yangon in Myanmar

Welcome to Hotel Parami This is Myanmar, where the old world's charms, full of historical, interesting and magic remains for the visitor.....

Today Yangon is a mixture of liveliness, of living and working around the clock, where there is so much to see, to do, to pamper or simply to get beautifully lost in this welcoming land of cordial accommodation.

"You get Making A Difference" when you eat and drink at the Hotel Parami. Savour our confectionery area. In the Café Café our everyday morning snack bar is not to be miss, enjoying delicious a la card from Myanmar's regional food to Asia and the West, Café Café has something for everyone.

Signature Rooftop Adventure, unique in Yangon with magnificent views of Inya Lake and the town of Yangon. Enjoy the spa, which is inspired by the practice of the SPA TOPIC and offers an extraordinary adventure for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Hotel Meliá Yangon in Myanmar

This was indeed the climax of my trip to Yangon. Myanmar provincial capital is quickly becoming the latest boom town in Southeast Asia, and I have to say that it is quite amazing as it is only a few years after the darkness of wartime. When we arrived my younger brother and I were greeted by an amazing landscape of breathtaking ponds, gardens and green tropic-tree areas - the reasons why it is known as "The Garden Town of the East".

We also had a great time as we experienced their waterslide " Thingyan Festivals " which gave us a different kind of summers adventure - something that did not force us to go to the beaches to overcome the hot summers. The finishing touch is our beautiful stopover at the recently opened Meliá Yangon luxurious Meliá Yangon resort, the new and trendy HAGL Myanmar resort in the Bahan quarter, just 20 min from Yangon International Airport.

It is a 5-star state-of-the-art resort, a great option for corporate travellers and visitors, not only for its extensive and contemporary amenities, but also for its closeness to the Myanmar Plaza offices and new malls. When I say closeness, I mean that it is linked to these amenities in a strategic way - yes, the very best in comfort!

Love how we were greeted by the hotel's kind and welcoming personnel with pralines, macaroon and fruit, but apart from their hospitality to us, the schedule just goes on and on for the reason why you should remain in Meliá Yangon. A 5-star state-of-the-art resort, it is a great option for corporate travellers and visitors, not only because of its extensive and contemporary amenities, but also because of its close vicinity to the offices and the new Myanmar Plaza malls.

Have I also mentioned that this estate is directly opposite the striking Lake Inya? This means that most rooms have a great outlook from the minute you awaken until the minute you fall into a nod. In order to give you a better idea, I will guide you through what you can await from the hospital.

Meliá Yangon is a truly wasteful home with 430 roomy, welcoming and modern rooms. We' re in the premium room with a king-size berth and a stunning views of the beautiful lakeside - a great extra! We' ve definitely fallen in love with the views, especially when it's early in the mornings, and as the days gradually turn into the evenings, it provided a great look at the sundown, which made Jon miss me even more.

It was so roomy, with a floor space of 57 square meters, that I even needed to run through the room while giving everyone a fast one. Fortunately, Meliá Yangon has several different places and pubs to chose from, all of which serve a large selection of delicious local and world cuisine.

The Garbo is the best place in the resort to mix food and beverages, allowing visitors to indulge in a relaxed culinary adventure with their favourite one. Open air bath - There are 2 open air diving areas in Meliá Yangon with stunning sea view and even a pub by the bath where beverages and fast food are catered for.

A 24-hour computer, print and fax hire centre for our clients makes the resort not only a home but also an outside area. Shweedagon Pagoda - Just 10 min from Meliá Yangon, this well-preserved, solid, gilded spread of breathtaking temple is the most sacred place in all of Myanmar.

Apart from the fact that it is the ideal moment when the masses of people have become thinner and the sun's warmth is over, it is the best moment to take pictures, because the colours of the evenings turn to shades of yellow and citrus. As it seems that all the streets in the Yangon city centre finally leads to the pit stop so you really can't miss them.

One of Yangon's luxuriantly verdant lakes, Kandawgyi Park is definitely a place where you can take a stroll, unwind and get away from the messy and frantic surroundings of Yangon's inner city. On one side there are a number of lakeside view points and on the other side there is the waterfront promenade where you can find a walking or sports area with the Karawiek Palace and the Shwedagon Pagoda in the foreground.

Which are the best prices for Meliá Yangon? In Meliá Yangon, which types of payment card are acceptable? Do I have to pay the check-in and check-out in Meliá Yangon? It is 14:00, while the checkout is 12:00. Is smoking allowed in Meliá Yangon?

Is it permitted for kids to remain in Meliá Yangon? Accommodation is available for all our schoolchildren. Which are the basic room facilities in Meliá Yangon? Are there Wi-Fi connections in Meliá Yangon? What currency do you accept in Meliá Yangon? US-Dollar and Kyat are acceptable at the resort. In Meliá Yangon, which language is used?

Is it possible to have domestic animals on the premises? Animals are not permitted in Meliá Yangon. My host was Meliá Yangon, Brunei. We' ve also teamed up with AirAsia to make this travel and accommodation evaluation possible.

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