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Xangon Hotel Guide

A taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was enough. Yangon's best hotels and resorts for gay travellers. Would you like to stay at a Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts in Yangon? Are you looking for a wedding hotel in Yangon? Find out about local neighborhood experiences from Hotel Broadway Yangon in Yangon, such as activities, restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, routes and more.

To Do Yangon | travel guide

The Yangon is encircled by culture and scenic esthetics, with imposing gold peaks, calm green emerging seas and colorful market. Explore easily accessible places in Yangon, such as Lake Inya or Shwedagon Pagoda. The name Yangon has been coined for the Garden Town of the East with the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda, which dominates the city's urban sprawl.

Coated with more than 30 tons of solid golden and rising 99 meters above the surface of the capital, the top of the peak of the podium is decorated with stones, jewels, topazes, and saphirs. The old farmhouses are common places in the old part of the village with the townhall as one of the greatest. Kandawgyi, near the center and Inya, outside the center, contribute to the comfortable atmoshere.

Further sights in Yangon during your time in Myanmar are the National Museum, the Zoological Garden, the Wildlife Park in Hlawga and the People's Park on Pyay Road.

Principal areas of interest in Yangon

Myanmar's largest and former capitol, Yangon, is a town of breathtaking sanctuaries and places of worship, magnificent parklands, historic settlement and a tranquil rhythm of being. Myanmar's capitol Yangon is a good starting point to explore the area. Rangoon used to be the main centre of Myanmar's economy and politics during its time as a UK population.

Though no longer the nationowned capital (the administration transferred all its policy posts to Naypyidaw in 2005), it is still the business center of Myanmar. Yangon combines sacred and historic places such as the Shwedagon Pagoda, the slowness of living, the decay of colorful rural buildings and recreational parklands and seas, giving it a uniquely attractive look you won't find anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

Yangon's business center, downtown Yangon, is the geographic south of the town. Constructed around the Sule Pagoda and the Yangon River, downtown Yangon is home to some of the city's most stunning historic monuments and historic monuments. The most important rides in downtown Yangon are Sule Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Maha Bandula Park and the Myanmar Independence Monument.

Strand is Yangon's most historic beach resort, situated on Strand Road in downtown Yangon. Most of Yangon's most visited tourism destinations, parklands and historic places are in the area just north of downtown. In northern Yangon you will find the worlds renowned Shwedagon Pagoda, Lake Kandawgyi and other rides.

Farther northerly lies Inya lake, Yangon's biggest sea and an exquisite lodging for the city's élite. Yangon's biggest sea, Inya Lake, is situated in the northern part of the town. Yangon's Inya lake was built during the colonial era as a watershed in Britain and is now one of the city's most prestigious neighborhoods and a favourite resort for its people.

Kandawgyi lake in the north of Yangon is an important symbol and a favourite recreational area for the city's inhabitants. Kandawgyi is, like Inya, an man-made freshwater spring that originated during the British Empire. Karaweik, a replica of an old Burma king ship from the 1970s, is being constructed on the east bank of the sea.

The Yangon Central railroad stop is an important symbol of downtown Yangon, and was later reconstructed in the country's tradition. It is the junction of Myanmar's vast but rather sluggish rail system. Yangon's most famous symbol, the Shwedagon Pagoda, is a 99 meter long historic mock-up in northern Yangon.

The most important Buddhist site in the land, the Native Buddhist Stupa draws not only a large number of travellers who want to see one of the holiest Stupa of Buddhism, but also natives. From 6:30 am to 10 pm, admission to the Shwedagon is $8 US$ or 8,000 cyat. It is forbidden to wear boots on the premises - most people keep their boots near the entry while visiting the cloakroom.

Approximately one kilometer from Shwedagon Pagoda in northern Yangon, Belmond Governor's Residence is a deluxe motel in a historic Teakwood house set in beautiful scenery surrounding lotuses orchards. Opened in 1901, The Strand is one of the most important historic deluxe South East Asian resorts. Former visitors to this deluxe five-star resort included Lord Mountbatten, Mick Jagger, David Rockefeller and Edward VIII.

Sule Shangri-La is situated just a few minutes from Sule Pagoda and is a contemporary five-star downtown Yangon resort. With a range of roomy rooms and suite and superior amenities, this is a good option for a luxury and convenient Yangon sojourn. The Great Treasure is a three stars resort near the Yangon River on Strand Road in northern Yangon.

The Bahosi delivers uncomplicated and minimalist rooms in downtown Yangon. Though the rooms and amenities of the resort are straightforward, its favourable position and friendly personnel are a good starting point for discovering Yangon. The MK is a small and comfortable shop with only 23 rooms near St. Mary's Cathedral in downtown Yangon.

Situated in the center of downtown Yangon, Lotus Bed And Breakfast is just a brief stroll from Sule Pagoda and other sights. The rooms are easy and tidy, with a comfortable on-site dining area and a pub near most of downtown Yangon's area. Shannkalay Youth Hostel is ideally situated near St. Mary's Cathedral in downtown Yangon.

Shannkalay Youth Hostel has a wide range of reasonably priced accommodations for travelers who want to explore Yangon with a shoelace. Situated near the Shwedagon Pagoda in North Yangon, Pickled Tea provides a good position and neat rooms at reasonable costs. The Strand Grill is a good, upscale restaurant in Yangon with great cuisine, nice scenery and great services, albeit at a price that is not too low for the West.

L'Opera Restaurant offers high standard Inya Lake cooking. Yangon's open-air eating area is a great place to relax and take in the hot and sunshine of Yangon. Situated in the governor's residence, Mandalay offers delicious South East Asia dishes in a wonderful area. L'Alchimiste offers delicious local cooking inside and outside, a breathtaking village on the shores of Lake Inya.

Anaimo is a favourite of Yangon expatriates from Japan and provides high value convenience foods made from the freshest produce. Near the Shwedagon Pagoda and opposite the Yangon Zoo Mai Thais serve a variety of famous Thailand meals. Yangon Bakehouse, one of several large cafes and shops in Yangon, sells delicious bakery products, wholesome lettuce and refreshing beans.

Situated in downtown Yangon, 999 Shan Noodle House offers delicious and inexpensive pasta just a few mins from Sule Pagoda. Situated near People's Park and Shwedagon Pagoda, Feel Myanmar Food offers a variety of local food from Burma. The Yangon Internacional Airport is one of three Myanmar internationals.

The Yangon Airport serves services from South East Asia region centers such as Bangkok, Singapore, Saigon, Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur. There are also connections to Yangon from smaller South East Asia towns such as Chiang Mai and several large Indian towns. The Yangon International Airport also offers international services to and from most of Myanmar's main airports such as Mandalay, Bagan, Pathein and Thandwe.

Use Skyscanner to find the best rates and flights with Yangon. It is the centre of Myanmar's vast but sluggish rail system. There is a train connection between Yangon and other towns and places like Mandalay and Bagan. The Yangon is linked to most other Myanmar locations by coach. Sights like Mandalay, Bagan and the Ayeyarwady region can be reachable from Yangon in six to ten-hour time.

Most of the busses to and from Yangon use the Aung Mingalar Bus Station, which is near Yangon International Airport. Discover our Myanmar travel guide to other Myanmar travel locations.

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