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Make yourself at home in Yangon, check availability of rooms in Yangon Hostel and book directly with the host. This hotel is located in Yangon, near Yangon City Hall and more! A popular hostel in the heart of the city centre. With free WiFi and a restaurant, The Lodge Yangon offers accommodation in Yangon. One In Yangon Hostel Yangon.

Ratings of Once in Yangon Hostel in Yangon

Ratings are based on a percent rate charged by clients who have made bookings within the last 12 month. So you get a current view about how good a hostel really is. Scream to Max, Tanya and the other personnel. A quite good hostel with nice people. Wonderful chill-out hostel, great bedding, great designs, supportive personnel. recommend!

This hostel is something I really love. They were so kind and supportive, they gave us lots of hints and ideas for sightseeing. The breakfast is great - the oat flakes were tasty! Great situation, easily to get a touk touc or bicycle and the proximity to the railway from where you can take the railway and enjoy it!

One time in Yangon Hostel in Yangon, Myanmar

The hostel is in the centre of Yangon, the UK capital. It was erected in 1950, its external appearance is reminiscent of that of the colonies. This hostel was named "Once in Yangon" because it was designed at the moment. Free WiFi is available throughout the hostel.

Situated in the centre of Yangon. Plenty of inexpensive road meals in the vicinity of the youth hostel. Scream to Max, Tanya and the other personnel. They were very kind and the breakfasts were good. A quite good hostel with nice people. Many thanks for subscribing to our email newsletters!

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Top 10 hostels in Yangon, Myanmar (for every budget)

It is most likely the place where you will begin your journey in Myanmar and where you should stay for 2-3 nights as there are a number of places of interest in Yangon. Homestays here are at the same cost as most in Southeast Asia, but I would say they are usually slightly more pricey.

Don't be surprised that Wi-Fi is astonishing, but it is even available in the best Yangon YHA. That'?s what it's like in Myanmar! This easy-to-follow guidebook will help you find the best Yangon hostel and Yangon hostel in no hurry and you know exactly where to spend the night in Yangon.

If it comes to choosing a hostel, it depends on what you want and need. A few important things you should consider for you to have the best sojourn are the following: Anticipate to be paying $10 for a dormitory cot in Yangon at slightly more or less cost.

Wifi is available in all of Myanmar's youth Hostels, but it's not always the best and the cost is not how good it is. Yangon's major tourist attraction is somewhat scattered, but they are only a few minutes walk away, but hiking in Yangon is not always perfect. Chinatown is the best place to spend the night, with plenty of places to eat and drink.

In general, Yangon and Myanmar is not a venue for parties, so don't wait for a hostel, but places to relax and get together with other people. However, there is a hostel with a roof-garden! This is the best way to find out if a hostel is really for you.

Hosttelworld has ratings for every hostel and I recommend you review them. The pictures used in this product are from Hosttelworld. The Little Yangon Hostel is a place where you can have a good night's rest. It is a good but basic breakfest and the situation in the centre of Yangon is very good.

Yangon Youth Hostel9 is located near Chinatown. There is also a great place to practise meditation and retreat. In this hostel there is a free citymap, filtrated waters and a party every Friday even. The hostel is just a few minutes walk from the city's major tourist attractions, the Schwedagon Pagoda.

Dormitories are only 4 to 6 persons, Wi-Fi is available and other rides are within easy walk access, even the local rail. The Yangon Guest House is a place where travelers often come back and some folks are staying here for a long time, which means that you can get great advice. The dormitory and the other rooms are en-suite and have their own refrigerator.

The Little Monkey Hostel is ideal for those looking for some private space, with bedding that has a wall between the dormitories. Situated in downtown Chinatown, the hostel has a maximum of 6 people. You can reach all important sights on foot.

Do you plan a journey to Myanmar? The Scott Street hostel is located near the city's major attractions. Yangon Backpacker Bed and Breakfast is an inexpensive 16 room hostel in Yangon to make sure you can get together with lots of guests during your time.

The youth hostel Agga is located in the immediate vicinity of all sights. Best of all, 21 hostels have sleeves for single travelers and tall travelers and twin beds for pairs with great mats. It' also an environmentally sound hostel at a good value and with the least possible power use.

There is no hostel nearer to Sule Pagoda than Dengba Hostel Yangon. It' so near you can see it from your room windows. Each dormitory has its own curtains for lighting and vision screening. With the best accommodation in Yangon, it's a good idea to find out what you can do in Yangon!

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